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Saharan Landscape- Mountain, Temple and Resort

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Welcome to Sub-Saharan Africa! Or at least my loose interpretation of it. Spawn in at the bustling dessert village at the foot of the mountain and explore the wares that they have to offer in the square. Then follow the road to the west past the hut of the Witch Doctor, over the rope bridge, and around the dig site. You may find yourself at the edge of a pool after your long trek through the sand. BUT DONT GO IN! Look a little closer, are those tentacles coming out of that cave? You must be at Seamonster Lagoon. Keep following the road up to the resort, past all the shops while the shopkeepers call out to you promising to give you a good price on their wares. Go ahead and book yourself a room at the resort, get a bite to eat at the cafe, and lounge awhile by the pool on the roof.

Now go back east past the lagoon and the dessert village. Cross the bridges until you find the Temple of Astra. There are stories, old stories, of the fox called Astra. She has been known to bless those visitors who bring her pleasing gifts. Careful not to upset her though, she can be quite harsh with those who displease her. Living in the temple is the high priestess ImpishFox_ who cares for the temple and the foxes it shelters.

This build was my base for Season 7 on the Symmetria SMP Server. I am not including the entire server for this download. Instead, I made a schematic of my base and pasted it onto a clean copy of the seed. All together this took me approximately 16 months in Survival Normal mode. My inspiration was the time I spent in Ethiopia when I was younger. While Ethiopia is not in the Sahara I drew on time from visiting Egypt, Tanzania, and other experiences to create a very loose Minecraft representation. You may Download this world and do anything you like except, share it claiming any part of my build as your own, make content from the download implying you built it, share it at all without crediting me with the work and links to my twitch or youtube pages. Thank you.
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01/14/2022 12:10 pm
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I love this
01/14/2022 12:26 pm
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Thank you!
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