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Sargasso Moors SGv2 Map

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avatar SwiftBeatz
Level 19 : Journeyman Architect
Sargasso Moors
SGv2 Map Submission

Backstory by @Minti
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful planet far from Earth. A large colony of dinosaurs lived there happily, and they thrived on the marshy terrain they called home. Meanwhile on Earth, humans were beginning to realise that they weren't alone in the vast universe- a scientist called Swift Beatz had discovered alien life on a distant green planet. A ship of 24 humans set off to discover the planet he named Sargasso, they were optimistic and happy about being the first humans to explore this new world. When the humans arrived after waking from hibernation, they saw huge creatures that matched fossils they'd seen on Earth. They were astonished, and realised dinosaurs weren't extinct. They made their only call to Earth and explained the planet was peaceful, and humans began to send more fleets of 24 people. A clumsy dinosaur destroyed the communicator, so the humans lost contact. They didn't mind, since they were happy on their new planet. For years, the humans thrived alongside the dinosaurs and they lived in peace, until the humans realised they were running out of edible food. The humans selfishly began to hunt each other, until eventually only one human remained, and eventually died. Years later, the dinosaurs spotted hundreds of ships in the distance, each one containing 24 humans, and each one years apart, flying to Sargasso and preparing to colonise the planet, about to repeat the same mistake of their ancestors..
CreditProject Leaders: SwiftBeatz, CarbonaraFreak. Builders: Danniel_, Divinest, Torza, Jaap, zjobke
Progress100% complete

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