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avatar Princess-Fluffybutt
Level 32 : Artisan Fox
A simple parkour map with a nice scenic view. First time putting something on Planet Minecraft. If there is an issue with the world download tell me. More screenshots later and a video when I get it rendered and uploaded! Also if you don't spawn in the correct area do /tp (username) -62 194 25

Note: The armor stand swapper is MrCrayfish's Design & the slime block TNT cannon is Mumbo Jumbo's design. At least I found the tutorials on their channels. Go check them out.

Another note: Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the map and want to see more longer or about the same length of maps along with a link to a video if you made one of you playing it.
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 02/02/2015 8:49:41 pmFeb 2nd, 2015

Updated the world file.

02/02/2015 5:34 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
This map looks amazing, and I'd really like to do a video of this!  But if you want people to download it, you have to compress your world save file before you upload it to mediafire.  Most people can't download folders off mediafire.  Please fix this so we can check out this awesome-looking map.  :)
02/02/2015 8:25 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Fox
In about 15 - 30 minutes I will have the mediafire world updated. Thanks for letting me know. I am kinda new to this stuff.

Edit: Currently uploading it.

Edit #2: And updated! Have at it. :D Also let me know if there are still issues with it.
02/03/2015 5:27 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
Thank you!  I'll give the map a look!
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