Seas The Day Beach House- Greenfield Project

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This house is a simple 2 story beach themed house based on a typical stilted house you would find in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, USA. Following normal beach house design, the kitchen is located on the second floor which gives you a wonderful view of the ocean. Inside, the house has 6 bedrooms and only one full bathroom. Although the house appears small on the outside, I can assure you there is 6 bedrooms, each with one or two beds inside them. This house was built in the 1960's. Out on the porch, barker lounge chairs are available, which all give a stunning view of the ocean. This house has full beach access, with a private section of beach behind the house. This house is located in Long Port Keys East in Greenfield. Also following typical American East Coast tradition, the beach house is named "Seas The Day" (Yes, pun intended) Hope you like it!

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