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Secret Ocean Protectors | 1.13 | Download

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avatar Glypsh
Level 24 : Expert Architect
About Build: it consists of underwater themed structures built in a round area. give Diamond :)
⚒️ Build By - Glyphs
Title of Expandable Spoiler

⚒️ Render By - Liberosis - Glypsh
- Discord ; Glypsh#0064

⚒️ Build On-

About: Hello everyone
I'm Glyphs, minecraft architect, a member of TeamOlmypos.
I have been playing minecraft for 4 years and I have been doing architecture for 2.5 years.

My Account ;

Discord ; Glypsh#0064

Twitter @Glphs2

Minecraft Account Glypsh

Discord Server https://discord.gg/yhgjTTU (TeamOlmypos)
Discord Server https://discord.gg/cy4X4JD (BuildersRefuge)
Progress100% complete
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