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Server Swap - mc 1.12.2

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avatar MadOliveGaming
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
Server Swap - 1.12.2

Server Swap is a re-make of Sethbling's Deathswap game back in 2013.
With his permission I remade it for 1.12.2, but functional for up to 100 players at once!

The game pits everyone against each other in an pvp game, but one in which you never see another player.
Once every so often (how often depends on the settings) you swap positions and orientation with a random player.
The goal is to kill all the other players by making sure that when you swap, another player gets into a bad or deadly situation.
Of course you should try to do this without killing yourself. Last man standing wins the game!

Setup & starting
To install the game you either drag the function folder from the zip file into a world of your choosing, or you take the pre-loaded world with the function already installed and place it in your saves folder. More detailed instructions are included in the zip file. Be aware that playing this with a lot of people can be taxing on the server due to the large number of chunks that need loading. This can cause lag (specially at the start when the chunks are yet to be fully loaded).

When you are in the pre-game lobby, you will see a red wall. This wall contains signs that can be used to change the game settings. The following can be changed: How much time there is between swaps, If and for how long natural health regen will be on & if players get temporary invincibility to fire, everything or nothing upon each swap.

To start, all players need to mark ready. Alternatively the admin can give himself a bedrock and drop it to override this system, in case your friends are trolling you :p

If you are using this for content on for example YouTube, please be so kind to provide a link to this page in the video description. Thank you very much!

This map was made by me alone, but please take a look at the manual included in the zip file to see which all amazing people helped me play test this through its many versions!
Progress100% complete

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