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Shadows Of The River - Hand Built RPG

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avatar NevetCS
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
This description is copied from the public Discord Chat. Feel free to join at https://discord.gg/nGgFH9A

A. About the project:
. The build began on February 18th, 2017. It was initially started by me (IGN: LogiCole) and me only. Builds 01-04 were built by me only with no exterior help or input. Then, on Build 05, @Pheonix (IGN: 24GB) joins the project. He helped to give the world direction by proposing to put in buildings (as seen in the render of Build 05), as beforehand, I had been building the world with no real goal. The addition of the corn mill and silo, as well as the style it was built in, influenced the world to be similar to an RPG. We kept building the world together, until on March 12th, we had the idea to convert the world into a massive RPG map. This would include quests, bosses, dungeons, and of course, story. We now had an end goal in mind, which was to make a world, roughly 2000x2000 in size, inspired by Skyrim, Wynncraft, the works of Hypixel, and our pure imagination. Because of this new direction at a large scale map, the two of us sought out members. On March 12th, 2017, shortly after 24GB and I had this idea, we invited UniversalDuck to help with the project. On Build 21, Blang joins the project.

B. (Not so) FAQ:
1. How many people are currently working on the project?
-There are currently three people working on the project. Our IGNs are LogiCole, 24GB, UniversalDuck, and Blang.
2. Are you using World Edit, World Painter, NBT Edit, or anything of the liking?
-No. Everything in this world was handplaced, except for the bulk of the stone underneath the terrain. This stone was summoned in using the /fill command. I will consider using WorldEdit in the future to set biomes and NBT edit in the future to turn off cheats.
3. When do you think you will be done?
-Due to the size that we plan on making the world, the project is expected to take at least one year. This does not include the creation or implementation of the plot.
4. Your build sucks.
5. What packs do you use and what is the render made with?
-24GB and I build in Ovo's Rustic Redemption, which is the pack in the renders. The renders are made with a program called Chunky.
<<Any other questions can be answered personally, and if they are asked enough, they will be added to this list.>>
Progress5% complete

4 Update Logs

Build 28 : 06/26/2017 10:29:46 amJun 26th, 2017

Oh god, theres a lot.

-Added a lot of little details to things like the bridge, the river, etc

-Added another house

-Continued expanding the land from the top of the large staircase down to the river near the small mound in the valley.

-Continued expanding the river behind the forest before the waterfall.

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05/21/2017 2:52 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
Currently building my own adventure map with same parameters. Am very glad to see other people choosing to handmake structures and terrain rather than use DLC to cookie cutter things in with little or no care for the craft. And for your beautiful builds, I'll throw in a diamond! Keep up the great work!

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