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Shard Seekers - (ALPHA 2)

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Purple_Zombie avatar Purple_Zombie
Level 31 : Artisan Miner

Shard Seekers is a Collectathon adventure map that lets you explore through a variety of different locations, such as scorching deserts, underwater caves, or a toxic sewer searching for hidden Power Shards, which can be used to unlock more levels, to search for even more shards!

Note: You can control the volume of the music by adjusting the volume of Jukebox/Note Blocks


- 135 Power Shards for you to collect (Get all of them for a surprise!)

- Get every Power Shard in a level to summon a giant bolt of lightning in the hub that spawns a strange shard! These distort the levels they're from, changing their layouts, adding a short timer challenge, disabling all health regeneration and even making you find 50-100 scattered shardlets!

- Some levels even have hidden bonus mini-levels! These are short, challenging obstacle courses that reward you with a bonus shard!

- Scattered around the levels are coins! These can be used to unlock secret levels, and will usually lead you to shards, good for if you get lost! Watch out though, dying will make you lose all coins you've collected in the level after the last shard you collected!

-Watch out for dangerous mobs! They're everywhere!

- The Map even comes with a custom resource pack that plays music from all sorts of video game franchises to help set the mood for each level!

The Full Map will have:

-50 full levels for you to explore, each with their own challenges, and 5 shards to collect.

-15 obstacle course-like bonus levels to test your skill.

-15 secret worlds with a hidden shard to collect.

-In total, over 330 shards to collect!

Music Credits
Prologue - The Star Festival - Super Mario Galaxy
Hub - Pod Theme - Little Big Planet
Hub 2 - Pod Theme (My Moon) - Little Big Planet
Secret Level Hub - Pod Theme Remix - Shriek
Cubic Plains - Throwback Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Dusty Dunes - Rainbow Warrior - Daniel Pemberton
A Watery Cave - Dire Dire Docks - Super Mario 64
Jungle of Jumps - Moss Blanket Theme - Slime Rancher
Toxic Wasteland - Battlerock Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
Snowy Spires - Valley of Repose - Pikmin 2
Tropical Paradise - Paradise Island (Tranquil) - de Blob 2
Slimy Sewers - 8 Legged Advance - Splatoon 2
Fungal Fields - Area Zero - Pokemon Scarlet/Violet
Fort. Formidable - Castle - Newer Super Mario Bros Wii
Phoney Forest - Steam Gardens - Super Mario Odyssey
The Jazz Zone - Battle Theme - Hammerheads Deluxe
Volcanic Core - Fort Fire Bros. - Super Mario 3D World
Chromatic Corners - Rainbow - Matt Berry
Sunset Fiesta - Sirena Beach - Super Mario Sunshine
Cloudy Course - World 7 - New Super Mario Bros
Haunted Plains - caught - Splatoon 3
The Mines - Underground Theme - Terraria
Honeycomb Hive - Honeyhive Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
Crystalised Zombie - Lake Trio Battle - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
Crystalised Skeleton - Jungle Boss - Rayman Origins
Boss Defeated - Star Chance - Super Mario Galaxy
Secret Level - Sky & Sea - Super Mario Sunshine
Bonus Level - Hypno Ray - de Blob 2
Beep-Beep Byway - Beat Block Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Strange Shard (Speedrun) - Speedy Comet in Orbit - Super Mario Galaxy
Strange Shard (Collect Shardlets) - Purple Comet in Orbit - Super Mario Galaxy
Strange Shard (Health Regen Disabled) - Hurry! - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Strange Shard (A Shadow Approaches) - Cosmic Clones - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Progress40% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Purple_Zombie 03/11/2023 6:45:40 pmMar 11th

-All shards now emit light
-Levels with bonus levels in them have it tracked on the HUD
-Giant coins worth 10 coins appear after you collect a shard (except secret shards)
  -Three of these coins spawn when you collect a bonus shard
  -Giant coins worth 25 coins appear after you collect a strange shard (except for boss rematch and shardlet levels)
  -Shardlets in secret levels are replaced by coins that are worth 3 each
  -Shardlets in strange shards are replaced by coins
-You can now re-fight bosses at any time
  -When killed they drop 50 coins, and a strange shard coin worth 25
-Challenge Crystals now orient upwards at all times
-Various Level Changes (all minor)
-Changed hitbox of coins and shardlets to be slightly lower
-Crystalised Zombie Changes
  -Killing the summoned iron armor baby zombie now regenerates 1.5 hearts
  -Meteors take less time to fall
-Crystalised Skeleton Changes
  -Killing the summoned diamond armor skeleton now regenerates 1.5 hearts
  -Boss deals less melee damage
  -Charge speed reduced
-Fixed bug that made you have 1 more score to your level unlock than supposed to

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02/15/2023 3:54 am
Level 1 : New Network
Lebb avatar
THIS MAP IS SO COOL!! Is there a discord server for this?
02/15/2023 4:32 am
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Purple_Zombie avatar
Thank you :), whilst there isn't a dedicated server to this map, I do post updates about it in my own, personal server discord.gg/axKtWR4z
02/13/2023 7:22 pmhistory
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
ZedME avatar
Spoiler Warning
If you get all 7 shards from Island 5, it will still show you have collected 6/5 shards.
02/15/2023 4:31 am
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Purple_Zombie avatar
The shard in the bonus level doesn't count towards the world total, once you get it an amethyst cluster spawns atop the amethyst block in the world map
02/09/2023 1:08 amhistory
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
ZedME avatar
Is there a way to turn down the music? Its a little loud for my liking.
02/09/2023 4:06 amhistory
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Purple_Zombie avatar
Yes, adjust the volume of "Jukeboxes/Note blocks" you might have to set it to a really low volume though to make any noticeable changes, because I was a fool and made the volume far to loud, I've fixed it now, thought I may release a new demo with a few more levels and a few quality of life changes, such as music resetting when dying, making respawns instant and decreasing the volume of the teleport sound effect
02/04/2023 3:22 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Aperson307 avatar
Nice map but the magic carrot does not work in the first world, before you unlock the next one. Also music repeats when you die.
02/04/2023 4:34 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Purple_Zombie avatar
Will release a version that fixes the carrot plus a lot of other bugs shortly but for now do "
scoreboard players add @a warpcompass_cooldwon 0" and it should work

Also, by music repeats do you mean that it overlaps itself?
02/05/2023 6:46 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Aperson307 avatar
Not repeats but will start over from the start of the song. I also think this happens when you collect a shard.
02/06/2023 5:17 amhistory
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Purple_Zombie avatar
Ah, well I'll try fix that in the full release, in the latest version of the demo, It doesn't reset when you get shards
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