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Shoppers City Texture and Datapack +Morefood 1.14

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avatar Sir_Craftypants
Level 21 : Expert Button Pusher
Hi Guys and Girls,

I present to you a collaboration between I Sir_Craftypants and Legopitstop.

After witnessing the creation of many fellow Minecrafter amazing Metropolis and Supermarket Maps, I wanted to bring your creations to life and offer more roleplay content so I came up with this Resource Pack and collaborated with Legopitstop on his MoreFood Datapack to bring you Shoppers City Resource and Datapack.

Now I couldn't have done it without a team of Pack Creators named Vanilla Tweaks who were kind enough to allow me to incorporate two of their datapacks in to Shoppers City, namely their Glazed Terracotta Rotation Wrench and their Redstone Rotation Wrench. Allowing you to rotate certain blocks to your liking.

Create and run your own Orchard farm
Create and run your own Fastfood Restaurant
Create and run your own Farm
Create and run your own Police precinct
Create and run your own Pub/bar
Create and run your own Supermarket
Create and run your own Pizza Takewaway or Butchers.
Create and run your own Café or Bakery.
Create and run your own Bank.

And so on.

RECIPES: We've created a Custom Crafting Table for the MoreFood Pack and are currently working on the Recipes so please bare with us, until then you can use only in Creative Mode using Code, information on that is in the pack.

Survival Mode coming soon.


You need to unzip the Shoppers City zip file

Unzip to your Desktop the contents of

1 Resource Pack
4 Datapacks
1 Hotbar.nbt file
1 Information folder

Copy and Paste the Hotbar.nbt file into your .Minecraft folder.
Copy and Paste the Resource pack in to your Resource folder
Copy and Paste the 4 Datapacks into your saved worlds Datapack folder.

All the help files for everything are in the Information folder, everything you need.

If you want to just download the MoreFood and Recipe Core Datapacks without my Resource Pack then you can do so from Legopitstop

If you want to just download the Rotation Wrenches you can do so from Vanilla Tweaks

On behalf of Legopitstop and I, we hope you enjoy bringing your City's to life with Shoppers City.
CreditSir_Craftypants, Legopitstop. Vanilla Tweaks
Progress95% complete

1 Update Logs

Future Updates in process : 07/13/2019 4:54:50 amJul 13th

Recipes to be added next.


Bacon and egg sandwich
Bacon and egg roll
Sausage and egg sandwich and roll
Sausage and egg muffin

Vanilla Latte
Toffee Latte
Vanilla extract

Vanilla Pod + Vanilla Seed + Vanilla Plant
Barley seed + Barley Plot
Hops +Hops Seed + Hops Plot

Changes to happen:

Custom Crafting Machine/Table

Bats to drop Bat Meat.

Survival Mode use will eventually be added.

Wandering Trader to trade all seeds and saplings

Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Lemon, Corn, Tomato, Grape, Berry Seeds Craftable from their Fruits

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