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Simple & Compact ATM in Vanilla Minecraft!

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Warning: This banking system works only in Minecraft 1.9.x versions or below. If you play Minecraft 1.10.x in Adventure mode, please check out the newer version of this banking system, where the deposit mechanism is changed.

Features of this design:

  • The ATM is only made up of 2 clickable signs, "Withdraw $10" and "Show Balance" respectively, but nothing else.
    • The core concept of the commands is the use of scoreboard, where your balance is stored inside.
    • Whenever the "Withdraw $10" sign is clicked, it means that you withdraw 10 emeralds from the ATM, that is, your balance is reduced by $10 as you get 10 emeralds.
    • To show how much money you left in the balance, just click on the "Show Balance" sign and you will see it.

  • How to deposit?
    • Next to the ATM, there is a villager called "The Banker Guy", allowing you to change each 10 emeralds into a special clickable sign, which is able to be placed in Adventure Mode.
      • After you place the sign, just click once onto the sign. Then, the sign disappears while your balance is increased by $10.

  • This design is redstone-free! Every mechanism here is completely driven by clickable signs (that run the commands) and a villager (the Banker Guy) with special NBT settings.
  • There's a secret room containing 3 command blocks that shows how to generate all commands you need to make this simple banking mechanism!
  • Designed for Vanilla Minecraft!
    • This project is designed in Minecraft 1.9.4, but it should also work in 1.8+ version. :)

  • Note: There hasn't been any password mechanisms so far, however, due to the fact that the scoreboard stores the balance for each player, and thus you don't have to worry about being abused by other players in multiplayer mode. (I've already tested this on a small private server of Vanilla Minecraft 1.9.4 and it works)
    • Still, if you find any bugs when running this on a multiplayer server, please reply here for what you see. Thanks! :D

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