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Skar's Ultra Fazplex (1.12.2) ( + modpack )

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Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Hi! This map is inspired in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, this map is not supposed to be an accurate map of Security Breach, it's all built by me by using a ton of mods :)

This is being built by only one person (aka me) and I'm not so fast at building, PROGRESS WILL BE SLOW!

Warning: The map will be very broken if you don't download and use the modpack! make sure to download it and load the map with it!

Release Date: XX/XX/202X

Recommended RAM: 7GB
(It's recommended to set higher when running this modpack for the first time since a few mods downloads files and takes longer to load when running this for the first time so, after everything downloads and loads for the first time, you can close the game and then change it to lower)

Check FNaF_MC_Project 's account on twitter, the updates will be posted there and has the modpack download in there in the threads, and also has a demo of the map but it's just a pizzeria which is a part of the map but check it out if you want, it's not such a big area though.

Big thanks to: Steel Wool, and every single one of the mods that have been used in this map.
Without these mods this wouldn't be possible and I wouldn't feel motivated to build.

Comments will be available once I launch the full version of this map!

Mods I'm using with 1.12.2 version in this map are: SecurityCraft, Architeturecraft, Baubles, Biomes O' Plenty, Bookworm, Botania, Candyworld, Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel, Chisels & bits, Colored Lights, Connected glass, CreativeCore, CTM, Decocraft, Dynamic trees, Ex Roller Coaster, Fairy lights, Flashlight, Flat Colored Blocks, FNAF Universe, Furniture, Hardcore Darkness, Immersive engineering, IndustrialCraft, invisiblights, Little Frames, Little Tiles, malisisdoors, MCA, Modernlights, Moving Elevators, OnlinePicFrame, OpenComputers, Pam's Harvest Craft, rs Gauges, Rustic, The Spotlight Mod, Webdisplays
CreditSome of the images are by Scott Cawthon (and Steel Wool)
Progress5% complete

1 Update Logs

Added Fazer Blast (01/25/2022) : by Skareo3ALT 01/25/2022 10:57:33 amJan 25th

There are still so many things I've still got to build this map, but after many days, I have finally finished Fazer Blast, check on my twitter account ( @FNaF_MC_Project ) to see the rest of the images i have uploaded there to reveal the whole attraction!

oh, and yeah, I also did add a new image for this map's page :)

Fazer Blast Entrance
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