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Skeleton King's Wrath - Through the portal , Patch 2.1

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Gummix3 avatar Gummix3
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Finally after 3 months of work the Skeleton King's Wrath is ready!

I decided to do an early release since so many people liked the sneak peek post. If you haven't played Rise of the Herobrine or Garden Warfare - Undermine i suggest you play those two first if you want to catch up on the storyline since all of those maps are connected.

Up to 4-6 hours of gameplay , epic adventures , storyline and much much more await!

This might be my last map in this series since i don't see how i can continue the story if you guys have any ideas or suggestions on my next maps or projects feel free to comment them or message me.

Recommended Settings
Graphics: Fast
Particles: All/decreased
Render distance: 12+ chunks
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard (never Peacefull it will break the game)

Note: these settings are to run the game as smooth as possible.If your computer can run beyond these settings then feel free to use them.


After defeating the Herobrine in the Molten Mountain , John gets a message from the Skeleton King that he is in the Nether dimension and that he has taken over the Herobrines mansion and this throne.A small party of crusaders has been sent through the portal but they haven't returned in quite some time. What happened to them? What dangers lie through the portal? What foul monsters have been risen from the vile pits by the Skeleton Kings evil magic. Are you ready to find out ? To save your men and defeat the evil of all evils in this world!?

General information

This map is an RPG ( role playing game ) you play as a warrior by the name of John Willkins. You travel around the world from zone to zone completing quests , leveling up through the built in minecraft xp system. The world is full of Dungeons , Interactive NPCs , respawnable chests , renewable ores , Raids and epic loot and storytelling through command blocks all in vanilla minecraft , no plugins/datapacks requiered.

Dungeon and Raid Journal

Overworld Dungeons:

Tomb of the Spider Queen (15+)
Sorrow Graves (25+)
Halls of Frost (30+)
Soul Chambers (42+)
Scorching Crypts (45+)

Overworld Raids:

Temple of the Fallen King (50+)
Herobrines Throneroom (50+)
Hagarrian's Lair (50+)

Nether Dungeons:

The Ender Maze (55+)
The Nether Cells (58+)
The Lower Tombs (52+)
The Toxic Labarathory (60+)
The Shadowy Cells (59+)
Vault of the Ghost Queen(60+)
The Orc Catacombs (51+)
The Bloodfall Quarters (54+)
Quite Caverns (53+)
Sunken Tunnels (59+)

Nether Raids:

Suliton Keep (60+) NOT FINISHED
La'grur's Lair (60+)
Saganoth's Lair (60+)
The Full Moon Caverns (60+) NOT FINISHED
The Master Throne (60+) NOT FINISHED

As you can see there is a lot to explore. A lot of new items , new loot , new kind of usable items! TRINKETS are finally in the game. Trinkets are magic items that you can use to give you a set boost according to the trinket.

Heroic Dungeon Mode!

Heroic dungeons have been added , after you hit level 60 you will get a book that will help you switch from normal to heroic mode for dungeons in the nether only. Heroic dungeons have better loot and the end boss drops a special reagent for crafting gear.

Item tokens!

In the first raid tier (La'grur's Lair and Saganoth's Lair) there are armor tokens that can be redeemed at the main city in the Nether for epic gear


A portal has been added in Nordshire that will teleport a player (60+ Level) to the Netherstorm and vice versa.

As always if you have any ideas or encounter any bugs please report them to me so i can fix them as soon as possible.
If you don't know how to do a quest or get stuck somewhere please check out my original post - Rise of the Herobine ( Skeleton King's Wrath Prepatch 2.0)

Good luck , have fun and if you like my projects consider subscribing , giving me a like or sharing my posts with your friends, thanks!

Progress95% complete

02/14/2021 7:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Midn1ght avatar
O wow very good map , i was so excited for the sequel. Can't wait to play it , good job!
02/14/2021 7:49 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Gummix3 avatar
Thank you so much i am working very hard to finish it , patch 2.2 will be out in the next couple of weeks as well as some bug fixes if there are any
02/14/2021 7:34 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
ShadowBurst avatar
Nice map :o. I think u should make the sky darker for the nether-like place, so it looks more darker like the nether.
02/14/2021 7:38 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Gummix3 avatar
When you cross the portal to the nether the light cycle stops and it is constant darkness , enough for monsters to spawn but light enough to be able to see everything. Thanks for the feedback , highly appreciated.
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