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blackcomputer avatar blackcomputer
Level 23 : Expert Theorist
Version: 1.15.2

Gamemode: Adventure (Adventure map)

Players: 1

Approximately 25 minutes of game time


Shoot skeletons at the range with your bow before time runs out to progress through levels. This range comes with a twist; some of the targets fight back.


Must be in adventure mode and on the difficulty normal. Entering the range portion of the map should properly set both of those settings. Render distance must be set to at least 5 chunks for optimal fun.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Version 1.1(Quality of Life Updates) : by blackcomputer 03/16/2020 8:06:55 pmMar 16th, 2020

Version 1.1 Patch List:
  • Added signs that tell the player the score requirement to complete a range
  • Added a button that gives a bow with infinity
  • Arrows in chest now come in stacks of 64
  • Added the unbreaking enchantment to most bows
  • Added more gold armor to chests

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