Skeleton Turret Mini-Game | Vanilla Survival

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Kill time at your mob-farm in style!

This is fully vanilla survival skeleton-turret mini-game. The system sorts and locates three item-carrying skeletons and equips them with netherite armor, to be used as a "boss round." The button at the center of the room starts the game. The lights above serve as a "progress bar" as the game boots up (a certain number of skeletons must be collected by the system before the game can start).

Once you have killed all the skeletons, including the boss-round, pressing the button again resets the entire game. Pressing it again starts a new game. No aspect of the redstone has to be reset manually (except occasionally refilling the netherite armor dispensers).

Each turret has a kill-counter. Once three skeletons have been killed on a single turret, it starts smoking and slows its reload rate. Once all 3 turrets are smoking (and all 3 skeletons killed before another pops up), a final boss round of netherite skeletons is released. Killing the netherite skeletons ends the game.
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