SKK Arena in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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I am back after not posting for straight up a year.
So now I'm back with a buildthat I've been working on these last 2 months, also because of the whole quarantine session I'm posting here

the SKK Arena in Minecraft!
The abbrevation SKK (or CKK as it is written in Russian) stands for "Sport and Concert Complex"

It was a multi-purpose indoor arena untill its closure in January this year.
Located in the Moskovsky district in Russias 2nd most populous city Saint Petersburg.

It serverd nearly 40 years as an indoor arena, from the 19th of May 1980 when it was initially inaugurated untill January 31st 2020 when it later got demolished.

I simply love the signature Soviet brutalist architecture it has got going for itself and also It is not so hard to replicate in Minecraft, that's why i decided to build it.

It is 100% made by me :)))))
Progress85% complete

07/08/2020 4:30 pm
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It looks really cool! i like how you express inside of arena! i want to see more what you build :) keep build it!
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