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Sky Block Odyssey

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avatar IsaacBluestone
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There are many versions of sky block. This Version is called "Sky Block Odyssey". There aren't just different islands, there are different worlds you can unlock.

Sky Block Odyssey is a survival map with different worlds as big as the starting world, A shop, Ore spawners, a village, and more.
  • Different worlds unlocked by trading in the shop.
  • Spawners that spawn mobs with custom drops. (you need to kill by hand for the drop to drop)
  • A shop that doesn't have everything but is enough for a play through. (Mainly buy items with emeralds)
  • My youtube channels name is "Isaac Bluestone"
  • If your planning on making a lets play you just need to have a link to the page that were on right now
Progress95% complete
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