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Sky Pillar (Oras Style)

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To begin, thanks to everyone who commented or made some sort of nod towards my first build; your support was really appreciated, and the amount of acknowledgement was really surprising. Hopefully, this build will be appreciated just as much as my first and I really hope anyone who downloads this build as well as my other one(s) will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed building them. 

For Pokemon (and Pixelmon) fans, this is my attempt at recreating Sky Pillar in Minecraft, Rayquaza's home in the Pokemon games Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire or rather their gen 6 remakes Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire. I've tried to rebuild it largely to scale with all 5 floors not including the so called "DragonHark" altar at the very summit of the tower(although that was built too). There are a few artistic liberties here and there, a hole in the tower where you wouldn't see one in the games; the floors aren't built precisely to each tile in the games so that they could actually fit; and the interior is somewhat blocky compared to the games and so on. As usual, like my other build, MCedit was used extensively to assemble the tower together(although the various levels and floors were built by hand), and its generally suggested that just like the Sky Pillar in the games, try plopping this build right in the middle of the Mincraftian ocean for the best effect.

Constructive criticism is really appreciated and encouraged and if I've broken any rules on this website, please feel free to tell me in the comments or pm me.
Dunno if it was done right, but it was built with Pixelmon use in mind (although not actually built while in Pixelmon or with any Pixelmon features really), so try it out with the mod and please feel free to again, comment with suggestions for improvement.

I also apologize that if by mentioning Pixelmon in any way, I've illegally promoted the mod in some way or insulted the modders in any possible. (please try not to flame me T____T).
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