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Sky Survival 1.10 (A 1.10 Skyblock map)

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Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
This is a skyblock map designed for the 1.10 update. It has many interesting challenges. If you want a fun single player or multiplayer challenge you should give this a try. It is geared toward new and experienced players. The people that played the old skyblock map back in the day will enjoy this with a few new challenges!

Here are some of the challenges:

Make a cobblestone generator
Breed cows
Build a cactus farm
Go to the nether
Make an infinite water source
Enchant a diamiond pickaxe
Build a home 50 blocks from the center
Build 10 snowmen
Build a hostile mob farm
Craft shears
Build a challenge wall with all these challenges
Craft 10 golden carrots
Build an automatic chicken farm
Build a furnace
Catch a pufferfish
Launch a firework
Play a record in a jukebox
Eat beetroot soup
Craft 10 paintings
Craft potion tipped arrows
Enchant a punch 2 bow
Fly with elytra
Kill the enderdragon
Craft a shulker box
Brew a health potion
Rename an Enderdragon Egg to "Game Over", place it, and now you have completed the map.
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