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Skyblock: The 7 Islands

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mariosbear avatar mariosbear
Level 11 : Journeyman Pokemon
Attention! Generation 2 of Skyblock is for 1.15.2 is coming!
Another Minecraft Skyblock! This is a survival game where your goal is to kill the dragon. There are 7 islands. 5 Overworld, and 2 Nether.
Overworld Island
Skysurvivor's house
Village Grounds
Stranded Desert
Roman History Stronghold
Hot Cooked
Boiling Hot Dungeon

At the beginning, use these commands:
/gamemode survival
/gamerule DoDaylightcycle true
/gamerule keepInventory true.

If the game is rendered unplayable, use these commands that I recommend:
/give (Player Name) minecraft:flint
/give (Player Name) minecraft:spawner & /give (Player Name) minecraft:blaze_spawn_egg (If you broke the spawner and the last one dropped to the void or didn't drop anything)
/give (Player Name) minecraft:ender_eye (amount that's needed)

This is a map for 1.14.4.
Don't use cheats otherwise.
If you liked it, please consider sharing this. We're so close to Level 9.
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