SkyBlock With Friends. Beta 1.3

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avatar UncleMattJG
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
  • Play on up to 4 islands as teams or individual players.
  • Central spawn with warps to vereius key locations.
  • Built in economy with money system to buy and sell blocks, spawners and spawn eggs.
  • Mining location to minimise the grind of a sky block world and allow for faster resource gathering.
  • Settings room to easily change game settings to your liking.

SkyBlock is a survival map based on a small floating island. In This version you can use warp signs to get to and from your island and take advantage of a shop system. Sell your resources in the shop to generate an income. Use your hard earned money to buy other resources not normally available in the SkyBlock world. Buy mob spawners in the mob shop and spawn eggs to set the spawner type. And above all, survive and thrive.


  • How can i move a mob spawner.Once placed a mob spawner can not be moved or picked up again.
  • How can i set a mob spawner to the mob type i want.Buy a spawn egg of the mob you wish to set the spawner too and right click on the spawner.
  • Ive lost and removed my warp sign that gets me back to spawn. How do i create another.You can create a new warp sign to get back to spawn by creating a Chiseled Stone Brick, place a sign on any side of the block, then stand on top of the block to have the sign changed to a warp sign. This can be done at any location.
  • What are the Nether and End dimensions like.They are both normally generated worlds.
  • I cant get to the settings room.In order to make yourself an admin you must right click the sign in the middle of spawn. If there is no sign you can use the following command.
    /scoreboard players set UncleMattJG admin 1

Please note this is the first version of this map and there may be some issues.
Progress100% complete

08/19/2018 3:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
So i have fully converted it to Bedrock and fixed all issues
Would you mind if i uploaded a copy for others to play?
And if you don't mind, do you want credit for the original map?
01/21/2018 12:29 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Just descuvered Mines would set gamemode to 0. this is now fixed in beta 1.3.
01/21/2018 11:53 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
I have just spotted and fix a problem with players teleporting to there islands where there gamemode wouldn't be updated to survival mode after visiting spawn in adventure mode.
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