Small Yurt (Nomad Tent)

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If you love exploring the world in Minecraft, chances are you like to travel light, only carrying what you absolutely can't do without, living off the land that surrounds you. The one thing that puts that lifestyle over the top, in my opinion, is to have a portable home with you at all times so you don't constantly have to keep an eye out for a cave to turn into a camp for a night or two. This yurt (a kind of tent traditionally used by Asian nomadic peoples, as I have learned recently) is just that. It only takes up about five slots of your inventory and takes no more than 30 seconds to assemble. The 63 blocks of wool it requires may take a little while to come by in the very beginning, but other than that, there's nothing complicated about this tent at all. And even though it looks (and is) quite small, it's actually very spacious inside. You can easily fit several people in there. Granted, they may not be able to do a whole lot more than sleep in it, but that's what the tent is for, after all: Providing a base camp that allows you to explore the world around it carefree.

Please feel free to use my designs anywhere you want. However, please don't publicly pass them off as your own by using them in a video or re-uploading them to your profile without providing a link to the original project. Thank you.

This is the texture pack I used for the screenshots:
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