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Snowcoal's 400 Hour Medieval Kingdom Project [Free Download]

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snowcoal avatar snowcoal
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator

This is a map that I have been working on for 10 months now, solo with small amounts of help from some friends here and there. The total time I've spent on it is approximately 400 hours. The map is a Medieval-style kingdom that is around 1500x1500 blocks large, including the mountain range that surrounds it. This map is intended to be explored. Thus I made a simple adventure game mode for it, that has you explore the inside of the castle to find hidden nether stars. Hints are given as otherwise it would be impossible. Of course, the map can also be explored via spectator/creative mode, and you can do whatever you want to explore it.

  • Approx. 1500x1500 size map
  • Giant Castle with over 200 rooms, passages, staircases
  • 4 Villages, one of which is next to a large mine
  • Farmlands, windmills, and farm houses
  • Over 100 houses total
  • Every building has a full interior, no exceptions.
  • Fully custom trees and terrain done with world painter and world edit
  • Sewer systems and catacombs under the main village and castle
  • Tons of secret areas, easter eggs, Redstone doors, prisons to escape from, etc.
  • So much more stuff I literally can't write all of it out here. Go see the rest for yourself!
If you want to simply see everything in the map, heres a video of me going through the entire thing:

Map Usage:
  1. Please do not use this map or anything from it for public servers, and especially servers that earn a profit.
  2. Please do not use this map or large portions of it for your own PMC projects or projects hosted on other sites.
  3. You may use this map for videos/other forms of media that are not new Minecraft maps.
  4. You may use small portions of the map (eg. individual houses/trees) for your own projects/PMC projects.
  5. If you use the map in any way, please credit me (snowcoal) and provide the download link.

Custom Trees Credit:

Some of the custom trees I used were part of the custom tree packs linked below. The rest I made myself. All trees used can be found along the outside of the mountain range that surrounds the map in case you want to use them also. Just make sure to take note of the original creators of the packs that I used:

Progress100% complete

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05/13/2022 7:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Foreseer_ avatar
What are the cords to the castle?
01/20/2022 8:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Amitol avatar
Эти гребаные гномы... научились строить самолеты
12/11/2021 11:07 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
coldninja2004 avatar
I love this map! is it alright if I use this on a private server with my friends If I give you credit?
11/22/2021 8:20 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Roigie_minecraft avatar
I try this in minecraft ray traycing and this is so beautiful
08/04/2021 1:47 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragon
AloneBoy12 avatar
Dude what are the coords, the map pics look great btw
hope the build is great too...........
06/25/2021 5:40 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
gnack avatar
I love this, and spent hours exploring the map! The amount of detail is pretty ludicrous.

I was wondering how you created the invisible item frames in certain placements such as in one of the dining halls and in the weapons shop?

Also wondering how you made the SOA and konosuba maparts.

-Redstone also works perfectly as long as you play in 1.16 versions that are pre 1.16.5
06/30/2021 10:43 amhistory
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
snowcoal avatar
For the item frames, the command is:
/execute as @e[​type=item_frame] run data merge entity @s {Invisible:1b}

Note that it will do it to all item frames at once that are within render distance.

For the maparts, there are a few steps:

1. Go to this website and generate a schematic of the map art: MapartCraft (rebane2001.com)

2. Install the litematica mod

3. Within litematica, load the schematic as a new schematic file type (the website generates outdated file types and litematica can convert them to new ones)

4. make a map and use F3 +G to find a the exact corner of the map (it will be at a chunk border corner)

5. load the schematic and move it until it is lined up with the corner you found. There will be a one-block stone edge on the schematic, make sure this is outside of the map area

6. using the "Paste schematic" feature of litematica, paste the schematic into place and it will paste the entire thing
06/03/2021 11:07 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
Exavast avatar
Is this map in or compatible with 1.16(.5)?
06/08/2021 2:20 pm
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
snowcoal avatar
I have not tested it but at the worst some of the redstone might be broken. I dont know much about the 1.16.5 redstone changes (or if there are any), so I cant say off the top of my head.
05/16/2021 5:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
FoxtrotAlfaFA avatar
Hola buena , una pregunta urgente, este mapa es un mundo infinito o finito, quisiera usarlo para entretenerme con mis amigos en modo supervivencia.
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