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☃️.*・‧❄。゚•*・Snowy Skirmish・*•゚。❄‧・*.☃️

Taking a casual snowball fight to the next level!
Made for Christmas by Zeronia

Multiplayer, Minecraft Java Version 1.21+

Current Map Version: 1.1.15

Now available on Minecraft Realms!

Play on CubeKrowd: play.cubekrowd.net!*
* The game is only available on CubeKrowd for the winter season.
To play Snowy Skirmish year-round, download the map for yourself!

A resource pack is required to play this game!

Interested in Snowy Skirmish or our other projects? Join the Zeronia Discord Server!

Snowy Skirmish
is a quick and fun snowball fight where player need to collect Giftboxes or knock opponents off the map to gain points for their team.

During the Preparation Phase at the start of the game, players get Snow Barricade blocks, which they may use to build forts for cover or vantage points to stand on.

When the Preparation Phase ends, players get Snowballs, and they'll have to fight their enemies and collect Giftboxes in order to win.

Points can be collected by eliminating enemies or picking up Blue Giftboxes.

Powerups are special weapons or utility items used to assist you or your teammates. These can be unlocked from Red Giftboxes that spawn on the map occasionally.

These are the powerups currently available in Snowy Skirmish:
  • Ice Ball: A strong ice ball with limited range, capable of knocking out enemies with a single hit.

  • Hot Chocolate: A consumable item; players can drink hot chocolate to quickly heal back some health, and knocked out players can use this to revive themselves.

  • Snowball Turret: A friendly snowman that fires bursts of snowballs at enemy players that get near it. They can be destroyed with snow and ice balls, and they melt over time.

  • Blizzard in a Bottle: Makes a stormy cloud where it lands. When enemies stand in its range, they'll get slowed down and take a lot of damage. When you stand in your own team's blizzards, you'll get snowballs much quicker.

  • Candy Cane Smasher: Melee weapon used to deal a lot of damage and knockback to enemy players.

  • Campfire Revive Point: A small campfire; when knocked-out allies get near this, they'll be revived with 1 heart of health left.

  • Sleigh: Lets you quickly move around the map, making you harder to hit. Ride the sleigh off a cliff to perform a big jump. Sleighs break over time when nobody is riding them or after a couple of big jumps.
CreditYZEROgame, Evtema3, TrekStone
Progress100% complete

13 Update Logs

Version 1.1.15 : by ZeroniaServer 07/16/2024 4:19:31 pmJul 16th

Minecraft 1.21 Support

This release of Snowy Skirmish exclusively supports Minecraft Java Edition 1.21, resolving major technical incompatibilities in recent versions of Minecraft.

Future releases will continue to support the latest version and previous ones where possible. However, with the scope of technical changes in recent versions, do not expect support for anything but the latest versions unless otherwise indicated.


  • Improved game performance with new 1.21 technical features.
  • Added names for team armor pieces and hid their item lore.
  • Improved Snowball Turret models so the arm branches connect better.
  • Made Snow Barricades directly craftable with the correct item name and count.
  • Corrected and reformatted item lore for most Powerup items.
  • Significantly reduced world size by removing duplicate files, empty chunks, and unused textures/functions.

Fixed Bugs

  • Snow Barricades did not get cleared on the far side of the arena.
  • Snowball variants did not work when thrown from the player's offhand.
  • Players could not throw Snowballs while looking at Snowball Turrets in close proximity.
  • Red players spawning Snowball Turrets produced white potion particle clouds.
  • Green players spawning Campfire Revive Points produced white potion particle clouds.
  • Placing Snow Barricades too high deleted them from your inventory.
  • Clicking on beds in bases said "This bed is occupied" in chat.
  • Drinking Hot Chocolate briefly showed the text "Glass Bottle" above your hotbar.

Looking Ahead

We are currently working on a sequel of Snowy Skirmish featuring brand new content and a whole new arena! We appreciate your continued patience as we develop this and our other projects.

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12/15/2022 7:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Easyidle123's Avatar
This looks awesome! Is there a recommended amount of players, or a max?
12/17/2022 12:40 pm
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you! There’s no real recommended amount of players (besides 2 - you’ll need at least one friend!) but the max the game supports is up to 6v6 teams.
11/19/2021 4:15 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
Tarnex's Avatar
wow looks really cool
11/19/2021 5:08 pm
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you!