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Solkhem - formal capital of North

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avatar IstariCraft
Level 1 : New Miner
Solkhem is the main city of the Frosty Gulf, the first city of northerners on the continent. It is the main harbor and trading point for all ships and raiders. It is divided into three districts - Beregovoy, an area combined with a port, the main part of the population lives here, as well as the main tavern of the North - “Merry Raider” and Dark Street, famous for its unusual shops where they sell loot, and brothels. The second area is Windy, a rich part of the population lives here, as well as a large part of workshops and forges. The high area where the Frosty Tower is located is the fortress-lighthouse of the town of Jarl. You can get to the city in three ways - by sea, through the Storm Gate, which go directly to the High District, which are the main gate, and through the eastern Small Gate, created for peasants, traders from the Eastern Kingdoms of the North, and also for evacuation, in the event of a siege. The road and high slopes prevent large armies from approaching the Small Gate, so the east wall and the gate are not particularly fortified. The city is the base of raiders known as the Sea Wolves.
The total holding territory is flat, livestock prevails, in the south it borders on the Twilight Forest, separated by a river, in the east of the Cursed Ridge, with many dilapidated forts, and in the west by the Solm River.
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