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Songs of Greavesoyl - 1.21 Team PVP Map

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MrKisiel's Avatar MrKisiel
Level 42 : Master uwu
Perfect for both casual and competetive play Songs of Greavesoyl offers endless fun for you and your friends! Every character feaures unique playstyle and vanilla combat is mixed with custom spells, projectiles, auras and crowd control. With many different arenas, many characters and thousands of possible team compositions no two games will be the same. Songs of Greavesoyl is very begginer friendly and rewards mastery and game knowledge over bruteforce.

Ever wanted to play as legendary demonslayer, rogue assassin, dragon tyrant or lovecraftian nightmare? Well, now YOU CAN! Among over 60 playable characters you will find humans, kharr, dragons, sea monsters, gods, demons, machines, feral beasts, undead ones and even cosmic horror abominations! Every characters has their own story and personality - they are actual characters, not just nameless kits.

World of Greavesoyl has many stories to tell, not just those of playable cast. World made for Deep in Dungeon from 2017 was fleshed out into large dark fantasy universe with deep lore covering over 3000 years of history, and ongoing comic series!

Songs of Greavesoyl was published in december of 2020, and since then multiple major content updates were released, with new maps, characters and balance changes. It's not over yet - I love making this map I'll produce new content as long as I can.

- 64 unique characters with personal stories
- 20 maps
- 5 game modes (CTP, deathmatch, duel, all random and capture the flag)
- customizable win conditions
- no resourcepack needed
- easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
- rich lore of the universe

Also, the map will be updated with new content (maps, characters, game modes, balance changes) in the future, so stay tuned! You can join our discord server to stay up to date: https://discord.gg/2U5rxzNA6p

Wiki (all of lore can be found there): greavesoyl.fandom.com/wiki/Greavesoyl_Wiki
You can read Songs of Greavesoyl comic here: https://tapas.io/mrkisiel23/series

Songs of Greavesoyl - 1.21 Team PVP Map Minecraft Map

Full credits:

Main Creators:
MrKisiel - General game design, characters kits, building, stories, world lore and narrative
AzethM - Altar, score and lobby systems
wavgudbye - Wavmode, additional characters kits

The Lobby - MrKisiel
Old Woods, Infected Crypt, Buried City, Temple of Warper and Snowguard Fortress, Ruins of Poshh'Uh, Motlen Abyss, Aranite Mines, Frozen Burrow, Damned Vault, Throne of Azathoth, Shady Alleys maps - MrKisiel
Laboratory map - Macieq3
Realm of Death map - MrKisiel and Efefski
Valley of Bones map - MrKisiel and Kubatyski
Almub Mansion map - MrKisiel and Kassar
The Island map - MrKisiel, budowlaniec and kalendarz2

Text correction:

Testing team:
Dybane, Jebus, Redeyes, krzemo128, kacpe2428, Tosteł, Tatsunio, Sweetfox, Magiwiełek, Zosiak, Kalendarz2, Patrix, Zyvyr, Bokkun, xAstyn, wavgudbye, exo, Habuba

The guy who originally wrote Nyarlathotep and Azathoth:
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Progress100% complete

44 Update Logs

3.7 - The Scarlet Lady : by MrKisiel 07/06/2024 5:55:33 amJul 6th

========= Songs of Greavesoyl v3.7 =========

============ New Content ============

New Character
Sah'Ivho, The Scarlet Lady - Deadly and elegant unique marksman who cuts enemies from safe range with sharp throwable knifes, and sustains herself with the forbidden blood magic.

========= Balance Changes =========

Deshh, The Rainmaker - NERF
  • Bow no longer has the power enchanment

Long requested change is now live.

Inter, The Maze Master - NERF
  • Decay can now stack up to 10>5 seconds
  • Attack speed -70%>-75%
  • The Eye of the Dungeon moves slower

The recent poll showed him to be single-handedly the most hated character in the game. Many reasons for that were listed, but mostly these boiled down to his DOT. I reduced the maximum duration it can stack to so it is still his main damage source, but no longer lasts for half the game after you get hit by it once.

Qwess, Shaman of the Shipwrecked - BUFF
  • HP 20>24
  • Breath of the Deep Cooldown 8>7s
  • Breath of the Deep healing 8/5s>6/5s
  • Sacrifice healing is doubled against allies marked with Abyssal Sigil

Now a bit harder to kill and able to heal his allies faster Shaman should be a viable support pick.

Daght, The Miner - NERF
  • Steadfast Lead knockback resistance 100>50%

He is no longer immune to knockback (which from what I heard made him infuriating to play against) but still takes highly reduced knockback to preserve the identity of his gameplay.

Kahan, The Father of Stars - BUFF/Minor Rework
  • Celestial Bodies contact damage 3>4
  • Celestial Bodies circle around slightly faster
  • Sky Collapses is now a grenade-like ability instead of relying on an missed arrow

Using his asol passive stars to deal damage should be now more consistent. Also, you no longer have to purposefully miss a shot on a marksman with one of the highest arrow cooldowns in the game to use an ability.

Ranhart, The Skeletal Phantom - NERF
  • Dread can be casted without a valid target in range, going on the full cooldown

You're laughing. Skeletal Phantom is nerfed again, and you're laughing.

Harin, The Champion of Azeh - BUFF
  • HP 26>28
  • Smite and Ignite CD 10>9s
  • Blessing of Flames CD 12>10s
  • Blessing of Flames shield duration 8>6s

The recent poll also showed him as one of the weakest characters in the game, so to adjust it I decided to buff his durability and the uptime of his shields.

Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos - BUFF
  • Bout of Madness cooldown 20>18s


Seenerl, The Shapeless Phantom - NERF
  • Remember Me empowers 4>3 attacks

Minor nerf to get the Man In the Wall back in the line.

Kahni, The Stitched Siren - REWORK
  • Stitched Form now has pernament 20% damage resistance
  • Siren Form now gains +1 damage
  • Stitch Up/Rip The Wounds cooldown 7>6s
  • Stitches Durability goes up and down 20% faster
  • Rip the Wounds damage 4>6
  • Rip the Wounds slow 45%>60%

The idea behind her two forms was simple - one is safer and more durable, one is more reckless and damage-oriented (trading heals for self-damage damaging ability for example). Her original design failed to portray that properly, so these changes were made. Now as The Stitched Kahni is harder to kill, while as The Siren she has easier time killing others (and herself).

Aberration, Thing From the Beyond - REWORK
Beyond Matter changes
  • no longer grants 50% resistance against the wronged player
  • now grants 40% damage resistance while Aberration is within 6 blocks from wronged enemy

While updating the map to 1.21 this ability broke and had to be re-written anyway, so we decided with wav to rework it to make it more useful.

========= Bug Fixes =========
  • Druid's Tangle of Thorns is properly removed after the game ends
  • Bomb Master's Bombs are now properly removed after the game ends
  • The Technomancer Trident Bug™️ should be fixed this time
  • Players should no longer be launched into the stratosphere while rooted
  • Fixed some spots where it was possible to dash through the barriers on Heart of the Swamp

========= Other Changes =========
  • New head for the Trickstress, better representing her canon design
  • The map has been updated to Minecraft 1.21

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01/08/2024 2:35 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
8RobInWorld's Avatar
This is a very intresting and exiting map! It works correctly and I didn't see anything what was distracting me from game.

There is only one thing i don't like, the tournament mode doesn't working.

I was playing with my friends and as soon as we tried to play this gamemode, we were stuck in a tight black room, where nothing happened.

Dear developer, please fix this bug or i dont understand what was happen.
01/08/2024 5:31 am
Level 42 : Master uwu
MrKisiel's Avatar
I will investigate the mentioned bug as soon as I can.
01/09/2024 4:01 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
8RobInWorld's Avatar
Thank you very much!
De Taco King
03/29/2023 6:57 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Taco
De Taco King's Avatar
looks incredible, found this via a you tube video

now to convince my vanilla survival obsessed brother to play this with me, wish me luck :D
06/04/2022 6:58 am
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06/04/2022 10:01 am
Level 42 : Master uwu
MrKisiel's Avatar
Showkit function in datapacks\pierogi\data\chars\functions folder. If you want to translate kit descriptions to your language let me know on our discord, I may officially add it in the future updates.
05/01/2021 5:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Eriliken's Avatar
Very good map. After deep in dungeon i was waiting for a map from you. thanks and gg, very good map.
03/02/2021 8:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Nurarihyan's Avatar
i am cool