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Songs of Greavesoyl - 1.19.2 Team PVP Map

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MrKisiel avatar MrKisiel
Level 38 : Artisan uwu
Perfect for both casual and competetive play Songs of Greavesoyl offers endless fun for you and your friends! Every character feaures unique playstyle and vanilla combat is mixed with custom spells, projectiles, auras and crowd control. With many different arenas, many characters and thousands of possible team compositions no two games will be the same. Songs of Greavesoyl is very begginer friendly and rewards mastery and game knowledge over bruteforce.

Ever wanted to play as legendary demonslayer, rogue assassin, dragon tyrant or lovecraftian nightmare? Well, now YOU CAN! Among over 50 playable characters you will find humans, kharr, dragons, sea monsters, gods, demons, machines, feral beasts, undead ones and even cosmic horror abominations! Every characters has their own story and personality - they are actual characters, not just nameless kits.

World of Greavesoyl has many stories to tell, not just those of playable cast. World made for Deep in Dungeon from 2017 was fleshed out into large dark fantasy universe with deep lore covering over 3000 years of history, and ongoing comic series!

Songs of Greavesoyl was published in december of 2020, and since then multiple major content updates were released, with new maps, characters and balance changes. It's not over yet - I love making this map I'll produce new content as long as I can.

- 15 maps
- 5 game modes (CTP, deathmatch, duel, all random and capture the flag)
- 51 unique characters with personal stories
- customizable win conditions
- no resourcepack needed
- easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
- rich lore of the universe

Also, the map will be updated with new content (maps, characters, game modes, balance changes) in the future, so stay tuned! You can join our discord server to stay up to date: https://discord.gg/2U5rxzNA6p

Wiki (all of lore can be found there): greavesoyl.fandom.com/wiki/Greavesoyl_Wiki

You can read Songs of Greavesoyl comic here:
Volume 1: tapas.io/series/Songs-of-Greavesoyl-1
Volume 2: tapas.io/series/Songs-of-Greavesoyl-2
Volume 3 Part 1: tapas.io/series/Songs-of-Greavesoyl-3-1
Volume 3 Part 2: tapas.io/series/Songs-of-Greavesoyl-3-2
Volume 4 Part 1: tapas.io/series/Songs-of-Greavesoyl-4-1

Full credits:

Main Creators:
MrKisiel - General game design, characters kits, building, stories, world lore and narrative
AzethM - Altar, score and lobby systems
wavgudbye - Wavmode, additional characters kits

The Lobby - Gret and MrKisiel
Old Woods, Infected Crypt, Buried City, Temple of Warper and Snowguard Fortress, Ruins of Poshh'Uh, Motlen Abyss, Aranite Mines, Frozen Burrow, Damned Vault, Throne of Azathoth maps - MrKisiel
Laboratory map - Macieq3
Realm of Death map - MrKisiel and Gret
Valley of Bones map - MrKisiel and Kubatyski
Almub Mansion map - MrKisiel and Kassar

Text correction:

Testing team:
Dybane, Jebus, Redeyes, krzemo128, kacpe2428, Tosteł, Tatsunio, Sweetfox, Magiwiełek, Zosiak, Kalendarz2, Patrix, Zyvyr, Bokkun, xAstyn, wavgudbye, exo, Habuba

The guy who originally wrote Nyarlathotep and Azathoth:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Progress100% complete

31 Update Logs

2.13.2 - The Crawling Bugfixes : by MrKisiel 11/08/2022 4:53:29 pmNov 8th

========= Songs of Greavesoyl v2.13.2 =========

========= Balance Changes =========

Guldark, The Devourer of Galaxies - NERF/BUGFIX
- Devour timer is no longer paused if Guldark is banished
- When killed or banished, Guldark instantly spits out the devoured player, without stunning them

This one is closer to a bugfix than a balance change, but it alters the mechanic of his ability after all. Before, if he was killed while an enemy was devoured he would spit them out in the respawn room, effectively "killing" them. This also used to happen when he was banished, and pausing the timer was a band-aid fix so it was removed.
========= Bug Fixes =========
- When Shapeless is stunned or silenced previously opened Void Gate is removed
- Shapeless can no longer use Remember Me to bypass being banished
- Fixed an issue with Champion's Blessing of Flames cooldown being set to 16 seconds after Smite and Ignite is used, effectively removing the ability
- Bomb Master's Grenade Toss no longer explodes when hitting light blocks
- Damned Vault no longer shows the old name of the map (Arid Vault) when hovered over in the map selection menu
- Armors are no longer re-applied to all players, only to the player missing an armor piece which removes the annoying sound effect spam
- Fixed the issue with Scourge's fire not disappearing for the 5th time (this time it's really for real 100% guys believe me)
- Filled the empty space under the hill on Old Woods, preventing some abilities from clipping through
- Added the missing game start message for Throne of Azathoth
- Players banished by Into the Void retain their rotation after returning from The Void
- Fixed the issue with Emperor not gaining resistance while shielded

========= Other Changes =========
- Sand Crawler cannot be picked on duel maps where burrowing is impossible
- Characters released after Skryal were added to the Book of Bans (for the unofficial bans mechanic)
- Game start message for Capture the Flag mode now explains that the flag is dropped if the carrier is immobilized
- Some of Nyarlathotep's quotes for the madness effect were changed (some of the changes are only for Realms version of the map)

And a few Shapeless related changes:
- Tainted mark particles cover less screen
- Void banishment mark has a bit more particles
- Upon returning from the void banishment the player is accompanied by a burst of particles

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05/01/2021 5:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Eriliken avatar
Very good map. After deep in dungeon i was waiting for a map from you. thanks and gg, very good map.
03/02/2021 8:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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i am cool
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