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Sonic The Hedgehog Rewind Adventure Map

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Sonic Rewind, otherwise known as it's early development name Sonic Remembrance, is a Sonic The Hedgehog fan game built in Minecraft. It will have the same style of mapping as my Green Hill Act 1. Starring Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as playable characters, Sonic Rewind will pay tribute to the original 2D Sonic games of the past; it will take place sometime after Sonic 3 & Knuckles but before Sonic Adventure and will have features unique to classic Sonic games.

Like my other project Sonic Mechanized, Sonic Rewind will have a good and bad ending. The ending will be decided by whether or not the player obtains all of the Chaos Emeralds as Sonic. All three character adventures will be happening at the same time, but only Sonic will be able to find the Chaos Emeralds. Along with this, only Sonic will have ending variations. Because of this, Knuckles and Tails' endings won't be exactly bad (assuming of course... you beat... the final... boss...) Also, each character will have three unique zones and will share two with each other (similar to Sonic Heroes, although the acts will be different due to the story but it will be the same zone with the same features).


After Doctor Eggman's defeat on Angel Island, he went into hiding to begin making his new scheme. During these peaceful months, Sonic and Tails have settled down in a quiet series of islands called the South West Islands that are only a few miles away from the area of ocean under Angel Island. The island they live on is called Griffin Island, and it appears to have some connection to the Chaos Emeralds.

Dr. Eggman has recently heard rumors of a gem called the Warp Stone being present in the South West Islands. According to rumor, the Warp Stone is capable of warping space to the owner of it's will. Tracing the gem to being underground on Griffin Island, Dr. Eggman hires the treasure hunter Fang The Sniper to find it and collect the Master Emerald for him.

When Knuckles is relaxing by the trunk of a tree on Angel Island, it suddenly begins to rain laser blasts on Angel Island. Knuckles quickly makes his way to the Master Emerald and it's shrine. Knuckles is too late by seconds as, when he arrives, Fang The Sniper is already there, lifting the Master Emerald from it's place. Knuckles moves in to stop him but is quickly dispatched by cannon fire from the ships and, with heavy earthquakes shaking the island's crust, falls down into rubble.

One day when Tails is on a trip on another island away from the one they live on exploring, Sonic decides to go to the beach dock and sun bathe. Suddenly, as he reaches the dock, a giant drill appears and begins digging into the area around Griffin Island. Eggman appears in the Egg Mobile carrying the Master Emerald, revealing to Sonic that he has taken the Master Emerald to use as a power source once again.The resulting earthquakes cause Sonic to plunge into the depths of the South West ocean.

Meanwhile, Tails is flying back towards Griffin Island on the Tornado. However, he's greeted by Griffin Island blasting up from the ocean using rockets drilled into it's bottom. Startled of course, Tails quickly moves into to destroy the rockets. Unfortunately the Tornado is blasted by cannons and crashes into one of the smaller islands. As Tails stumbles out of the wreckage, he determines that this must be the work of Dr. Eggman.

Doctor Eggman has decided that he is unable to simply steal the Master Emerald and keep it in his base of operations. He has finally come up with "the ultimate plan"-convert Griffin Island into Eggman Land and power it with the Master Emerald.

Will Sonic and his friends be able to stop him?

(Note: The stories I gave for each playable character is not all of their story. I only included their first few zones because I didn't want to spoil anything other than the basics)

This platformer adventure map will include:
* Three unique characters along with another that will be revealed soon.
* Scenes constructed with character sprites put in places to portray story (sort of like cutscenes but more like a comic book than an animation).

* Unique character abilities.
* Two player mode with Sonic and TBA character that can be unlocked at some point during both characters' stories.

* Special stages that reward Chaos Emeralds.
* Over fifteen unique zones including all character stories. There are about five zones for each character.
* Fast paced parkour sections.
* & Knuckles
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