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Level 84 : Elite Meme

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Copyright © 2012-2013 SoulsCraft

The Development Team:

  • Project Lead / Director - Felix. C (Malice)
  • Lead Map designer/ Head Structural Design Director - Nicholas. B

  • Plugin lead Developer - Dylan. M

  • Architectural Designer - Scott. (MCSchematics HighRoller)

  • Architectural Designer - Curtis. (Aspiring Structural Designer)

  • Architectural Designer - 'Backpackback' Mitchell W. (Voxel Box Full Member)

  • Webmaster / Graphics Design - Mark.O (Professional Web designer / Graphics Artist)

  • Texture Pack Artist - Dale J. (kyctarniq)

  • Architectural Designer - Jim. Aka Nexusrightsi (MCSchematics HighRoller

SoulsCraft, The Revolutionary MineCraft MMO ExperienceWe are hardcore gamers. We appreciate deep, well conceived and well executed game mechanics that compliment challenging level design and player skill. SoulsCraft is our attempt to bring such an experience to Minecraft.
The server will be one huge custom adventure map, with a number of custom plugins aimed at creating a developed action-RPG experience. Every mob will be customized, every weapon will feel unique, and every environment will be thematic and aesthetically pleasing.
Our combat system completely overhauls the way Minecraft calculates damage and defenses, allowing for a wider range of weapon types and combat styles, all while staying within the realm of a completely vanilla client. That's right, all our mods are completely server-side. No downloads are required for the player to step into this richly detailed, engrossing world.

SoulsCraft, Our Agenda made manifest.
Deep Involving Combat:

We want this server emulate Dark Souls Combat. To that end, we have completely re-written the way Minecraft calculates damage, and added many new mechanics. These are just a few of the mechanics we have planned. See the combat wiki for more information.
  • Defensive Attributes

  • Damage Modifiers

  • Elemental Damage Types

  • Item Classes and Lores

  • Unique Skill Passive System

  • Unique Skill Actives System

  • Parry and Riposte System

  • Complete Redefined Blocking System (Blocking has a use now!?)

  • Totally Unique Mobs + Unique Armors + Weapons they can use

  • Equipment Load And penalties for Carrying too much weight!

Challenging Survival:

Survival mechanics will be greatly enhanced. Not only will players have to find food. They will also have to find water. Only health potions will heal Players. This system will drive the players to not only PVP/PVE, It'll also encourage exploration to look for precious food, water, and supplies. You'll be relieved to know however, most of these items can be bought from Major kingdoms and some areas. What you're not relieved to know, is that Teleporting is Very limited...

Covenant kingdoms:

Covenants are a completely new concept to Minecraft servers. Covenants will provide a dynamic PVP environment for players. Provide completely dynamic operating bases with functional upgrades that will assist the players Greatly. It will allow players to start communities, complete with Covenant Private Channels, Even innovative party systems that will no doubt be beneficial for the players. See the Covenants page for more details.

Intensive PVP:

In a world, filled with difficult Mobs, the struggle to keep alive and gathering the best gear and loot is tough. Some players will specialize in killing other players, wishing to plunder and loot them and more then that, steal their souls. Unfortunately, Death on the server is very punishing, and staying alive has it's rewards. Souls will be the most sought after resource. And players are the best source of them.

Awakened / Phantom States:

In order to put more pressure on players to play carefully, there will be two states that a Player can be in. When the player is Awakened, he receives passive buffs, determined by their starting class. When they die, their inventory is saved. On respawn they are in Phantom form, and remain in that form until they "revive" using a Soul. When a player is in Phantom form, they lose their buffs and are disadvantaged in PVP. Also, they lose their inventory on death. In order to revive to Awakened state, they must hunt down another player and steal their Soul. Souls can also be obtained by defeating boss mobs (and paying real-life cash), but PVP is intended to be the main source.

Dungeon Crawling:

Level design is something we take very seriously in video games, and our builds reflect that. Terrain and structures aren't just meant to look pretty, they are meant to be experienced by a player as a level with flow and pacing. The world is littered with dungeons for the player to explore.

No player commands:

We are aiming for an extremely immersive experience. Requiring the player to manually type in commands breaks suspension of disbelief, so we want to limit it as much as possible. Most of our plugins do not require commands, but for the few that do we will be making heavy use of command blocks.


We have a large body of lore planned, complete with an over-arching quest story and the potential for promotional story related events or premium content. Every in-game item will have flavor text linking it to the in game story, and the player will be able to read many journals, books and other in-game lore content.

Texture Pack:

Our Server will have a completely customized Texture pack for all to use, however, we utilize regional texture packs to maximize customization, atmosphere and immersion for our map.

Posted Image

Additional Notes

Look for it on the serves list when the Beta is open.
Progress50% complete

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09/24/2014 6:24 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
bigbenfire101 avatar
hay is server open
07/19/2014 2:18 pm
Level 21 : Expert Mage
Parkour Pro
Parkour Pro avatar
Hey? When I go to the site it wont load. Am I doin sometin wrong?
07/19/2014 7:09 pm
Level 84 : Elite Meme
kyctarniq avatar
This project has lost its way.  I was doing the textures for the server but the team has fractured and while some are trying to continue I do not know current progress.  I recently released the new Darklands resource pack.  It is some but not all of the work I did for the server.  Sorry for the bad news guys.
04/21/2014 2:39 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
GravityVSGaming avatar
I am ready for this.
09/20/2013 8:31 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
Dat Tree Gaming
Dat Tree Gaming avatar
Can't wait for it to come out! Will the map be as big as the one in Dungeon Realms or...?
09/21/2013 2:54 am
Level 84 : Elite Meme
kyctarniq avatar
Check the website. We are entering a closed alpha soon and the texture pack I have made is stupendous. I am excited about this.,
09/21/2013 10:48 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
Dat Tree Gaming
Dat Tree Gaming avatar
Oh my god I can't wait!
01/21/2013 9:34 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Lava Rider
ObbyCow77 avatar
Looks awesome O.o
01/22/2013 12:06 am
Level 84 : Elite Meme
kyctarniq avatar
Thank you. The team is working very hard and it is really starting to take shape.
01/23/2013 1:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MaliceRed avatar
I agree, everyday we get closer and closer to the closed beta release.
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