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Spanish First Rate Ship-of-the-line: Santa Ana

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Level 8 : Apprentice Fisherman
Santa Ana was one of the three Spanish First Rate ships to fight in the Battle of Tralfagar. The ship is considerably larger than HMS Victory, possessing 112-118 guns. This recreation uses 118 guns with 6 carronades; 2 on forecastle, 4 on aftcastle. The ship was damaged in Tralfagar, and surrendered to HMS Royal Sovereign.

The ship took around 128 days to plan before construction started, due to other projects (to be posted soon). Construction started when the keel was laid, and the hull was build and emptied the following week. The ship itself progressed quickly, and within 2 weeks, is as you see it now. Sails, cannons and details will be added shortly.

When downloading the world, click the URL, select File, select Download. It should be a Zip

Additional Notes

Thanks to the other shipbuilders of Minecraft for demonstrating the techniques that helped make a ship of this scale possible.
Progress: 75% Complete

Update #2 : 12/07/2013 3:10:08 pm12/07/13

1st row of 6 cannons done, captains quarters being mapped out. Minor delays on Santa Ana and Bloodlust so I can finish the English 3rd Rate v Spanish Galleon world.

Update #1 : 12/03/2013 7:19:52 pm12/03/13

Santa Ana's Foremast has been moved forward 5 blocks as per request, initial cannons are being placed. A world edit glitch is causing major issues, removing some blocks, thus extending the estimated time of completion.

6-7 other projects are being prepared and updated for Planet MC upload, including:

1 Third Rate Ship of the Line (Pegasus, Royal Navy)
1 Armed Spanish Galleon (Divino)
1 Frigate (Name not decided)
3-4 Assorted trade and recreation sailing ships

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  • thebigbaron
  • Level 50
  • Grandmaster Architect
  • November 30, 2013, 10:44 am
Wow, huge ship. I'd suggest making the ship shorter, by using world edit. You need to move the front mast forward. I'm looking forward to the finished article. Good luck.

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