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Specialized T Junction for Railway Stations

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Itachi14 avatar Itachi14
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Designed as a fix for michaelalfox's T junction in his railway station in the Dadcraft server.

- It has a 2 button interface; one to go straight and one to go right.

- minecart must be at full speed to stop and center itself on the upowered rail, otherwise simulation will fail

- within the piston limit, the pistons can be adjusted to accommodate to the design but this specifically was made for michaelalfox's tunnel design

additional notes:
I'm too lazy to record another shitty showcase video. Maybe I will in the near future, but last time I did it I could here my fans grinding.

There are betterways to make intersections for railway systems. Maizuma has a complete system that even has destination selector so if you're looking for something like that then I do recommend checking that out instead of my mess :p.
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Update #1 : 02/17/2021 8:28:59 amFeb 17th

added a showcase video
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