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Spiral Chunk Adventure - Custom Challenge Adventure Map with Epic Bosses & Random Events!

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Bedrock Edition
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Spiral Chunk Adventure

Spiral Chunk Adventure - Custom Survival Map with lots of new bosses and events!
Journey on an ADVENTURE like no other, where crazy stuff can happen every 5 minutes!

+ Survive against an infinite amount of events where mobs hunt you!
+ Enter a desert dungeon, or delve into caves and castles!
+ Travel through quick travel portals and many different biomes!

Will you reach the end of Spiral Chunk Adventure?

Explore lots of unique DUNGEONS filled with mobs and loot!
Dungeons to explore!
Fight giant Slime Bosses, Skeleton Kings and Evil Zombie Gods!
Spiral Chunk Adventure - Custom Challenge Adventure Map with Epic Bosses & Random Events! Minecraft Map

Check out all the crazy events we have that all have a chance of activating every 5 minutes!

NOTE: The countdown timer does not include the length of the events that are currently running.
Party Time event with skeleton party mobs!
Nether Invasion Mobs event!
Boss Time event! With the Slime Boss!
Here's the official panorama from the map!

Here are some cheat commands that force an event to trigger while playing the game ;)

Slime Rain - Spawns random colored slimes from the sky!
/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_1
Poison Rain - The rain is poison!!!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_2
Horsemen - Spawns 4x Skeletons riding skeleton horses!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_3
Creeper Storm - Spawns lightning-powered creepers in the storm!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_4
Skeleton Army - Spawns strays, skeletons, wither skeletons to attack!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_5
Unseen Eyes - Spawns Invisible Spiders & Endermen with glowing eyes!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_6
Nether Invasion - All the nether mobs can spawn except Ghast!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_7
Zombie Apocalypse - Dozens of zombies spawn everywhere!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_8
Dark Night - You should be afraid of the dark!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_9
Fog Surrounds You - This one gets scary fast!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_10
Boss Time - Can spawn one of three powerful custom bosses!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_11
Infestation - Spawns dozens of custom insect-like mob types!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_12
Mob Party - Spawns party-themed mobs that explode like creepers.

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_13
Survival Kit - Gives you a chest to place down with some survival items!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_14
Bad Pixies! - These are Vexes but they are way more tricky!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_15
One Heart! - Gives you one heart while this event is running!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_16
Rainbow Sheep! - These sheep can trigger mini-events!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_17
Terrible Five! - Miniature pillagers that throw axes at you!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_18
The Triplets! - Withers but miniature and 3x more deadly!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_19
Evil Sorcerer! - An evil evoker boss that can spawn anything!!!

/event entity @e kingcube:trigger_event_20And before you go, our friend, the Wandering Trader wants to show you one of his famous tricks!

If you want to try this map out yourself, search for it on the Minecraft Marketplace!
Any questions or feedback? Just message us below, because we love hearing from you all!

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CreditKingCube, StealthyExpert, SlimC, Longridr, StormXVI, IamBirdy, Archist, Wor
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