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Spyro the Dragon

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avatar SnickerToodles
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Download from Curseforge
(It won't compress enough to upload here.)

Progress Updates:

Relive your childhood! (Or my childhood, anyway.) Will contain all the levels from Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, and Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon. The download will update with every world fully completed.

**This is not an Adventure map. Some features, such as 2 and 3's minigames, flight levels, and etc, may be implemented to the best of my ability. However, a collectible system with dragons, eggs, and gems is not present.**

Feature List:
  • Detailed recreations of the worlds we all know and love
  • Renditions of game mechanics such as gliding, whirlwinds, locked chests, and supercharge*
  • New, decorated interiors to explore
  • *Mini-games such as speedways, ice hockey (cat hockey!), skateboarding, etc.
  • A "title screen" where you can select what game you'd wish to visit, tweak settings, etc.
*Planned, not yet implemented

Currently Completed:
Artisans Home
Stone Hill
Dark Hollow
Town Square

Up Next:
Sunny Flight

  • This is built in vanilla, so as long as you have the correct version, everything should work perfectly!
  • When you first enter this map, you'll be on the "title screen". Use your elytra to fly down and select the option you'd like! (Load Game will be used to skip to homeworlds, so it currently has no functionality.)
  • Feel free to switch to Creative at any time!
  • Each of the worlds is set to the correct time when you visit it. If you want time to stand still just as in the original Spyro the Dragon, type in /gamerule doDaylightCycle false or change the option on the title screen. Otherwise, you can see the Dragon Realms at all times of day!
  • See a whirlwind, a pressure plate, and a ledge you can't reach? Jump!
  • If you see a place you'd normally have to glide to, and your elytra can't get you there, look for a pressure plate and run!
  • Want to get to a new world? Find a portal and step on the pressure plate! Worlds without pressure plates aren't completed yet.
  • Time to go home? Find the "Return Home" portal. To get to the next homeworld, jump on the balloonist's head and into the balloon.
  • The world is populated with frozen fodder. These have no real use, and there will most likely not be functional enemies. But feel free to squash the spiders anyway!
  • If you see a building, look inside! You might find an interior to explore and some chests to loot.

Known Issues:
  • Using Stone Hill's Return Home portal will cause entities to disappear and reappear at random, and also breaks the "speed boost" effect (pressure plates applying speed boost no longer function despite the icon flashing in the corner).
    • Possible Cause: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-92916
    • Temporary Fix: Exit and reopen the map. (Using the portal again will still break everything.
    • Note: This appears to no longer happen (possibly due to changing the world spawn to the title screen?), but the bug itself is still active, so I'll leave this here for now.

  • Puzzles are broken, particles or portals don't work, basically something that has to do with command blocks stops functioning correctly.
    • Cause: The game updated after I released a build and messed with commands or command block syntax.
    • Fix: Load the game in the version I released the map in.

If you want to modify or use this map for any reason, please credit me, provide a download link to the original map, and contact me on the Minecraft Forums or PMC.
Progress5% complete

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