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Squid Boot´s Vs Sky Boot´s Army

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avatar bastiao09
Level 39 : Artisan Pokemon
Hey Guys Bastion Here,

So i was creating (And i Still creating)a new Survival when I fell liked to make a project.But What?So i start to see SkyDoesMinecraft Videos when I Saw the Primitives Moobs Mod (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-ud0wYkvww) and then I Saw that Squid Thing and I Think to me o Wow man That Think is Awesome!!!I Need to do more Prototypes of this!!!o and i'm here now xD.

This is a Interactive 3D Art Project where you need to Help Rebuilding the o Budder Bootso and defeat those Squids at all!!!

To Rebuild Those Boots I Have Some Rules x)

1#Have TOOOOOOOOOOOONS of Butter Blocks ore other Type

2#Use at least 5 Butter Whool in Each BUDDER BOOT (Yeah Boot Onpurpose)

3#Make a Minimum of 5 Budder Bots

About this Map I will create:

*A Mini-Game where you with one or more friends Create your Budder Empire or Squid Empire; (for the end of April or in May)

*And a Squid Battle Pack where I will put this Bots (In May)

And My Future Projects:

*A Survival based in World in a Jar but isno t jars (for 10 April)

Anyway guys its all I want to say (Sorry my Bad English)

Peace Out,
Progress100% complete

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