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SS American Star 1995

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How to find on server: //warp americanstar

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Chandris Lines avatar Chandris Lines
Level 24 : Expert Architect
The SS American Star as she appeared in 1995. The Stern, under a year of seaside stress, has begun showing massive structural damage, with the very back deck of her stern being flipped upwards, multiple holes within the hull of the ship, and a beginning-to-collapse promenade. The Bow however, has managed to remain steadfast, and seems set to last quite some time. It had not been a good few years for the ex-America/Australis, having spent the last decade rusting away in a lonely Greek port. And then her chance to have a secure future has failed once again, and she has since been left at Playa De Garcey, Fuerteventura. Locals have looted the wreck, set fire to part of the stern (on top of its other structural failings) and slowly her rooms below the waterline fill up with relentless saltwater.

This ship is very special to me (if you couldn't tell from previous posts) and i've tried to ensure the highest level of accuracy for a 1:1 scale model of the ship in minecraft. this has lead to compromises, for instance, the 9-windowed promenade sections have been reduced to 8 windows. It has been a long journey, and while im not done JUST yet, the horizon is near.

The map can be found on the Nanocraft server. do //warp americanstar to get to it. you'll need to be whitelisted first!

A special thanks to four people:
CJClow as a second opinion and reference gatherer, as well as taking the pictures of the wreck with his shaders
Wessel as another picture-taker and horrified on-looker as i wasted a week of my life building a beach.
Nano, also known as TheOfficialNano, for small pushes here and there.
Jish - for bringing me to Nanocraft, and for sharing a passion for this ship with me.
CreditCJClow & Wessel
Progress100% complete

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