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St. Mary's Hospital Campus

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Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
St. Mary's Hospital campus is based off of many different real hospitals that I have visited such as, Bellin Memorial Hospital and Columbia St. Mary's hospital - Milwaukee campus. The rooms and units are based off of real hospital units with this campus being an urban style hospital. The entire building is split into two sections, the main hospital building and the Medical Arts building which will contain the outpatient clinics. The floor directory below shows what will be on each of the floors. If you see (MAB) next to the name, then that indicates that its a part of the Medical Arts Building.

You may have noticed the floor directory having some minor changes to it here and there, as I'm building this project, I'm making decisions as to what would fit better on each floor based on how much room is left over. Because of this, the floor directory won't be final until the project is completed.

-- Main Hospital / Medical Arts Floor Directory --

Basement: Morgue, Inpatient Pharmacy, Building Support, Maintenance, Sterile Processing, Mechanical, Diagnostic Imaging (MAB)
Ground: Emergency department
1st floor: Patient library, Retail pharmacy, Garden cafeteria, Urgent care (MAB), Admissions
2nd Floor: Internal Medicine Clinic (MAB), Pediatrics Clinic (MAB), Family Practice Clinic (MAB), St. Mary's cancer center
3rd Floor: Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiology Specialists Clinic (MAB), Cardiac Rhythm Specialists (MAB), Pulmonary Clinic (MAB)
4th Floor: Orthopedic and Neuroscience Institute, Sleep Center, Orthopedic rehab, Neuro rehab, Orthopedic specialists of St. Mary's clinic (MAB), Neuro Clinic (MAB), Sports Medicine (MAB), Space for Expansion
5th Floor: Observation Unit, General Surgery, Surgical consultants (MAB), Oral Surgery Consultation Center (MAB), End Stage Disease Center (MAB), St. Mary's Center for Geriatrics (MAB), Anesthesiology Physicians (MAB), Emergency Medicine Physicians (MAB)
6th Floor: Surgical ICU, Advanced Surgery, Endoscopy Unit, Palliative Care (MAB), Infectious Disease Specialists (MAB), St.Mary's Center for Pathology (MAB), Occupational Therapy (MAB), Gastroenterology Clinicians (MAB)
7th Floor: Trauma ICU, Pediatric Observation Unit, Transplant Clinic (MAB), Immunology (MAB), Advanced Autoimmune Clinic (MAB)
8th Floor: Neuro Unit, Neuro ICU, Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (MAB), Addiction Disease Clinic (MAB), Neurosurgery Consultants (MAB), Pediatric Mental Wellness Clinic (MAB)
9th Floor: Medical ICU, St. Mary's Nephrology Associates (Nephrology Clinic, Outpatient Lab Draw, Dialysis unit, Biopsy unit)
11th Floor: Surgical Unit, Dialysis Unit, ENT Clinic (MAB), St. Mary's Eye Center (MAB), St. Mary's Medical Arts Human Resources (MAB), Allergy and Asthma Clinic (MAB), Seton Dental Clinic (MAB), Pediatric Cardiology (MAB)
10th Floor: Medical Unit, Diabetes Care Clinic (MAB), Urology (MAB), OB/GYN (MAB), Neonatology Physicians (MAB), St. Mary's Medical Arts Administration (MAB)
12th Floor: Pediatric Medical / Surgical Unit, St. Mary's Burn Center (MAB), St. Mary's Wound Healing Clinic (MAB), Center for Advanced Diagnostics (MAB), Genetics Clinic (MAB)
13th Floor: Cardiac Unit, Cardiac ICU, Blood Donation Center (MAB), Center for Pain Control (MAB), Billing (MAB)
14th Floor: Intermediate Care Unit, Endocrinology Clinic (MAB), Classroom 1405 (MAB), Spiritual Care (MAB), Toxicology (MAB)
15th Floor: Long term Med / Surg, Chiropractic Clinic (MAB), Dermatology (MAB), Hematology (MAB)
16th Floor: Sacred Heart Rehab, Outpatient Hospice Care (MAB), Nephrology Clinic (MAB), Rheumatology (MAB)
17th Floor: Inpatient Hospice Care, Cardiovascular Rehab, Hospitalist Physician Offices (MAB), Intensivist Physician Offices (MAB)
18th Floor: Laboratory, St. Mary's Main Hospital Human Resources (MAB), Family Planning Clinic (MAB), Classroom 1810 (MAB)
19th Floor: Physical Therapy (MAB), Advanced Drug Treatment Center (MAB), Financial Support Center (MAB), Center for Alternative Medicine (MAB)
20th Floor: Classroom 2010 (MAB), Classroom 2015 (MAB), Patient Education Center (MAB)
21st Floor: Maintenance (MAB)

-- Proposed Children's Hospital Floor Directory --

Basement: Mechanical, CH Central Supply
Ground: Radiation Oncology, Radiology

1st Floor: Emergency, Short Term Observation, Admissions, Gift shop, Coffee shop

2nd Floor: Cardiac Unit, Cardiac ICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiac Surgery, Med / Surg ICU

3rd Floor: GI Lab, Radiology, Pre / Post Procedure Unit

4th Floor: Surgery, Pre / Post Surgical Unit

5th Floor: Psychiatric Unit, Neuro Unit

6th Floor: Med / Surg Unit

7th Floor: Med / Surg Unit

8th Floor: Orthopedic institute

9th Floor: Administration, Boardrooms, Physicians offices
10th Floor: Oncology Unit

-- Proposed Women's Hospital --
Basement: WH Central Supply
1st Floor: Welcome desk, Cafeteria, Coffee shop, Parenting classroom, CSM Urgent Care (Old ER)
2nd Floor: Surgery, Perinatal Assessment Center, Diabetes Treatment Center
3rd Floor: Mechanical
4th Floor: Labor & Delivery, NICU
5th Floor: Mother & Baby Unit (Post Labor)
6th Floor: Med / Surg
7th Floor: Med / Surg
8th Floor: Med / Surg
Progress20% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 01/03/2019 11:36:43 amJan 3rd

Unfortunately, this project was lost due to a crashed hard drive. On the bright side, I am currently working on a newer and better designed hospital which I'll post pics soon.

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  • SgtMays
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  • June 22, 2018, 6:16 am
Woah this is insane, not often i see somebody who likes to build hospitals the way i do (big and with full realistic interiors). Nice job!, maybe i will post the one i am currently working on (a remake of a hospital in my area). cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/403734036045889537/459713084769042443/2018-06-09_00.08.31.png

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