Star Trek Hover-Car (Zeppelin mod compatible)

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avatar blibbob
Level 52 : Grandmaster Blob
I have created the hover car featured in Enterprise, the picture i saw was extremely blurry though so i had to go a bit freehand on this one. I intend on making a series of non cannon hover-cars if i ever run dry on cannon content to make, but that wont be any time soon as the Delta Quadrant beacons ahead.

The hover-car may appear small but it is crammed with tech. The list of tech contains: Independent doors flush to the bodywork, a toggle-able headlamp, 2 seats and a storage unit. I've not seen any other hover-cars out there to compare this to, but i think that I've put a lot into a such a small space.

As mentioned, this one is zeppelin mod compatible, though it will take more effort than usual. On this one, use a controller place on any part of the car, raise it up so that you can go underneath. Next step is to locate the light blue block, break this and replace it with a forward facing controller block. The reason this needs to be placed like this is because otherwise the car would go backwards when you want it to go forwards.

Enjoy :)

Additional Notes

Hover-car Owners Manual: Front lever operates lights, 2 rear levers operate doors, ignition is behind the seats as is storage, exterior door handles are to the back end of the car.
Progress100% complete

04/08/2012 9:02 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Blob
Ok, I've not kept up with my shuttle quota recently. To make up for this i'm gonna do a quick fire round of 4 or so shuttles to break my other record of 2 releases in a day in half.

If anybody has suggestions, please make them now. Thankyou.
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