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Star Wars Adventure Map {Clone Wars}

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Hello Everybody!


MrCreepMan is here to share a map related to Star Wars! If you are a fan of Star Wars or something similar to that, then you must download this map and play it with my Flans mod Star Wars content pack [http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/flans-mod-content-pack-swtor/] Once you have got the mod and the content pack, then you can play it! This is an Star Wars Adventure Map related to Clone Wars we see in both Sta rWars Episode III and Clone Wars Season 4 through 5.


Plz, guys don't expect for nice cool designs and architects but awesome storyline and CONTENT!
This map shall include
3 Clone Division Career: 41st, 501st and 212th
Jungle Scout- You are a 41st Elite Corps and you have been sent to a jungle planet to sabotage the enemy beacons, fight your way through the enemy line and bomb the enemy beacons!
Battle of Kashyyyk [Multiplayer]- Surprised? Well this is not only an adventure map but also includes Multiplayer Map where you could use the feature of /teams installed in Flans mod. I have already written the instructions to how to set up the game so that you guys can play it!

501st [I luv 'em <3]
Bomb Blockade- Under the command of CT-7567 [Capt. Rex], you are sent to Skele Base with a secret bomb, your objective is to find it, take it, and safely bring it back to the extraction point! Once you are done, you may return back to your ship
Battle of Umbara [Multiplayer]- In Clone Wars Season 4, you get to see Battle of Umbara and I have put that into the Map! This is also a multiplayer map and /teams instruction is already written in the map. You can either choose Umbaran or Republic 501st Troops to play it!

212th [Cody is the best]
Battle of Skele- You and your snow golem army have to fight against the skeletons, your main objective is to drop a tnt bomb at the enemy line, creating your own snow golem army is optional but I would really prefer you guys to do it
Training Center- Your proficiency as clone trooper will be tested in the Training Center. Find 2 levers and install it on the wools to go visit your ship!

Extra (?)
Zombie Survival- Uh... survived or dead? That's a question. Your Republic Cruiser got heavily damaged and you had to take escaped pod to escape and you have landed somewhere... I don't know, somewhere full of ZOMBIES!!!! You can get guns from this map and place it at your gun gallery in your star ship!

It's not done yet though

It seems like few more weeks of progress will be needed! I will be putting images by tomorrow!

Progress100% complete

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