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Star Wars: Remnant Knights RPG [1.18.2]

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bloody_duckers avatar bloody_duckers
Level 48 : Master Wizard
Do you have what it takes to defeat the Sith Lord? Will you become a Jedi & fight the dark forces? Or will you succumb to the dark side & use your power for evil? The choice is yours!
Exploration/Adventure RPG

Completely Vanilla(Map includes Resourcepack)
-No Mods Required!
-MC Version: JAVA 1.18.2

HIGHLY Recommended to play with Optifine
-This Map MUST be played in Java 1.18 & will not work properly in any other version.

Map Features:
-Travel to different worlds & explore unique landscapes!
-Collect different blasters, swords, lightsabers & more!
-Upgradable weapons & armor!
-Learn to use powerful force powers!
-Gain Animal Companions!
-Befriend Allies to accompany & aid your journey!

-Custom Crafting Recipes!
-Custom Resource Pack including new weapons, sounds, mob skins, music, textures & much more!
-Interact with tons of civilians & more!
-Over 30+ Side-Quests!
-Bounty Hunter Missions
-Explore unique Dungeons, Tombs & Caves
-Detailed World Journals for Each World

-Usable Shops
-Largely Open-world
-21 Collectible Minifigs
-Collect Seedlings to grow in your Terrarium!

-Look around for Bonus Loot, Items, Mini-Bosses, Hidden Secrets & More!

Explorable Worlds:
-Cophrigin V
-Rhen Var
-Mystery World

Inspired By: KOTOR

How to Play:
Step 1. Download Map File
Step 2. Unzip Download File
Step 3. Drag Map Save File into your Minecraft Saves Folder
Step 4. Launch MC Java 1.18.2 & Play!

Click HERE for Official Walkthrough Videos!

Click HERE to Watch Bleaker's Entertaining Playthrough!

If you record my map please let me know, I'd love to watch & support!
Please do not reupload my map for download without my permission

-Feedback is encouraged! Please let me know about any bugs or problems you encounter so I can fix them for you & others!

-Thank you all for your patience & support!
Progress100% complete

33 Update Logs

Update #33 : by bloody_duckers 03/31/2023 9:41:15 amMar 31st

  • Map Version 2.7
  • Fixed Darth Vuichus Boss Fight

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06/03/2023 5:47 am
Level 22 : Expert Prince
TheKingmario2 avatar
If you ever decide to make a sequel, don't change the recipe you used for this one. I also want to give you some ideas:

1: A credit sinkhole: you can find plenty of credits, so plenty that you would in the end be unable to invest them all. The idea is to have some special planets/areas were you could find some themed vendors that sells you at very high prices (2 stacks of 64 credit blocks) jedi or sith abilities that you could unlock by leveling their respective path, or: to make it more expensive to incourage the players on making choices on what to buy: selling 2 kind of tokens (a jedi token and a sith token) and an "ancient artifact", and using one of those 2 kind of tokens + the "ancient artifact" to buy a jedi or sith ability.

2: Use less foliage detail on the ground on planets like Kashyyk and Cophrigin V to make the map lighter and less confusing to navigate.

3: In order to make crafting more relevant i suggest to make things like medpacs impossible to find in crates/Chests.
06/03/2023 4:22 amhistory
Level 22 : Expert Prince
TheKingmario2 avatar
Nowday i hardly find some real well done adventure map to play, and is even more rare to find a well done star wars map since hypixel's try many many years ago during the Herobrine's mansion frenzy. You really impressed me here with this map bloody_duckers. I am at my second playthrough and i still love it. Definitely something im gonna keep memorized for future replays.

Anyways, we all are aware of the fact that perfection is something that can't be achieved yes? (even if this maps is a very good attempt) This map result flawed in some regards:

1: Upgrade Kits: you know, you invest alot of resources and exp to craft them, shame that since many weapons and armors comes pre enchanted you can't virtually use them (atleast not all of them). Many lightsabers aren't real swords so upgrades like Sharpness or Heat (fire aspect) can't be merged into the weapon with the anvil. Talking of real swords tho: one good example of weapon that can take sharpness or heat is the red lightsaber crafted with the red crystal found in the death arena at Kashyyk, but there is a caveat to it: you must first find a grindstone to get rid of previous enchantments you get by the crafting, or else you can't merge sharpness in it (minecraft has by default some enchants that can't exist in the same weapons, smite for example, can't be in the same sword with sharpness). Armors suffer the same problem, since there are some enchantments that can't exists with something like protection, you can't really use protection books at all without a grind stone. Overall: they aren't useful at all and just clogs your inventory space.

2: Crafting is not necessary: I don't know all players, some may need more resources than the others but in my personal scenario: i found myself crafting very rarely (only upgrade kits and missing lightsaber parts). I just accumulated resources and lost space all the time, ending juggling between shulkerboxes like a madman everytime i found something new (collecting syndrome). You lacks some stim packs? a bit of tradings with NPCs and you can get em fine. Medpacs and such? quite plentyful around. Yes....crafting was a wee bit too much with limited usefulness, not to mention to the extreme abundance of resources around that makes me re-organize the inventory every 2 chests/crates opened.

3: Lag, Lag, and even more LAG: first time playing the map was excruciating: lagspikes, slowed enemies that made playing easier but less fun, situations were the game went so bad that i passed all my time F3+A to reload chunks, but all of this was ultimately caused by my own stupidity on not using advised settings you gets in the tutorial. The second playthrough is going better but once visiting Kashyyk's underground area and then Nibiria everything went bad again (there aren't lagspikes, but enemies are bugged and moves slow again, making the game yet easier again less fun to play). These problems also hits blaster weapons, the bullet drop gets somehow halved and lags while bullets flies. Im probably at fault again by going creative to fix some broken quests (this is another problem), since i rendered everything outside the box the game can't perform well anymore. This is a theory tho.

4: Broken Quests: There are some quests that appears to be broken. A good example i can make is for the NPC that wants 12 biotoxins in the planet world of Cophrigin V, you bring him those, but he keeps repeating the same lines without giving you any reward. Another bug happened once in the first playthrough, i was helping tatooine's mayor on eliminating a target, i decided to do the darkside path for this quest, so i tracked down and eliminated the target. Once i returned to the mayor to get the reward other lines of another quest got trigghered (more precisely the quest of the bounty hunter in the cantina that asks you to kill a beast in a cave to prove my worth)....also: the mayor didn't unlock its safe for me. Another quest that can be easily broken is the first quest the tatooine's mayor can give you, the one were you have to eliminate the creatures in the mine. If you eliminate the idle bodies before trigghering the spawn of the creatures, they don't spawn, and if they don't spawn that quest gets softlocked (also, you get stuck in the cave since the bars that blocks the entrance dosen't open). I suggest to check one by one the side quests and ensure that every redstone mechanism is in check.

5: Collectibles. What they do?: i mean, extra exp is neat, but in the end do you get something if you collect em all? it dosen't seems, since once you complete all the head collection nothing appears in the chest in the galaxy hub.

I really hope that this isn't a one of a kind map and that you are planning a sequel or something, because this map is 100% a GEM. Keep it high man!
06/06/2023 9:06 am
Level 48 : Master Wizard
bloody_duckers avatar
Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review & support! I really appreciate it. I'd have to agree with most of your points also, as they are quite valid. Apart from the broken things which I was not aware of despite a multitude of bug-testing, so thanks again! I will be fixing them asap.

Collectibles sadly only reward experience, I should've had a reward for collecting them all but I never thought about it tbh. I guess they're just apart of completing the map 100%, similar to the seedlings.

Unfortunately as of right now, there is no plans for a sequel for this map & it is a standalone story. Currently I am kind of burned out from Minecraft having been playing the game straight for basically 4+ Years. So I am taking a major break from the game for the time being, however that could change in the future. Thanks again for the feedback, If I ever decide to continue this style of map I will definitely keep it in mind. I'm very glad you enjoyed my map, cheers!
05/28/2023 6:50 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Sobi12345 avatar
Can u guide me for tatooine's son quset as it says follow yellow trail,I tried a lot but I couldn't find any sign! I finished the main story and really want to complete that quest.
05/30/2023 9:03 am
Level 48 : Master Wizard
bloody_duckers avatar
Hello, I'm sorry for the confusion on this quest. The yellow wool carpets on stands will lead you to a secret lever near the scrapyard, at these coordinates: 480 112 0
you can use this command to teleport to the lever:
/tp @p 480 112 0

That lever opens up an entrance in the sand nearby, I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with more questions if you get stuck or anything.
05/28/2023 6:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Sobi12345 avatar
What the hack !!
It was really amazing!
YouTubers have to play it and map become famous
Thx for this uniqe experience hope you get what you want
And really did you create this alone?????????!!!!!!!!!!
05/30/2023 9:04 am
Level 48 : Master Wizard
bloody_duckers avatar
Thank you very much! I'm very glad you enjoyed my map. Yes it was created all by myself over the course of 2+ years.
05/21/2023 10:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Tu-ForSeb avatar
I have a problem, I've been killed in the prison during the cutscenes due to potion effeect and I respawned in the lab, what do I do to come back in the Xoryn's ship ? I think if I have the coordinates and come back in spectator or creative it could work but I don't know where it was
05/10/2023 6:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
leonil0304 avatar
I can't seem to find the sothog that ran away in kashyyk. Could you by any chance give me a good hint to where it is located?
05/10/2023 8:32 am
Level 48 : Master Wizard
bloody_duckers avatar
Hello, the Sathog should be inside a small cave within the forest ground. The cave entrance can be found on the central mountain. You can use this command to teleport in front of it if you'd like:

/tp @a 302 133 373 -97 25

I hope this helps!
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