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Star Wars Separatist Fleet Collection

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KuatDriveYards avatar KuatDriveYards
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
I really like the Separatist Spaceships from Star Wars and I find it a pity that they aren't very popular, so I created a collection with all their ships.
There are only capital ships in this collection.
Here are the names of the ships and their stats. (Ships are placed from smallest to largest)
Munificent-Class Frigate825 m
Recusant-Class Light Destroyer930 m
Providence-Class Dreadnought (smaller variant)1088 m
Providence-Class Dreadnought (larger variant)2033 m
Separatist Supply Ship1099 m
Lucrehulk-Class Battleship3020 m
Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruise (Malevolence)4070 m

Source for stats and information: Wookiepedia
Unfortunately, these ships are still not 1:1 scale, but the smaller ones could be eventually done in 1:1 scale.
Progress100% complete

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