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STAR WARS : The Battle Of Crait ( Hide & Seek + PVP) - Bedrock

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Bedrock Edition
Towninator24's Avatar Towninator24
Level 41 : Master Robot
Taken from The Last Jedi this map offers away to play Hide & Seek with friends as one First Order Seeker hunts down The Resistance left out an old Republic outpost.

Hide & Seek is a simple gamemode where one person is a seeker and has to find everybody else on the map. The last person to be caught is the winner.

PVP allows multiple people to fight across the map.

This map is built to allow hiding through spots hidden in walls/ floors aswell as getting to places such as on top of the Walker. The map also features a wide open area to allow interesting chases to happen adding to the intensity of the gamemode.

To support PVP two modes have been built in, team play where The First Order battle The Restistance and the last team standing wins the battle or Free for all where everybody is out to eliminate eachother and be the last survivor.

The spawns are built in to navigate directly to where the players need to go while also resembing Snokes Throne Room to add the Last Jedi feel of the map.

Map Creators

Towninator24 – https://twitter.com/Towninator24

Longlifecheese – https://twitter.com/longlifecheese
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Towninator24 11/10/2022 8:11:58 pmNov 10th, 2022

  • Updated some of the blocks
  • Added more hiding places
  • Added more parkour

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