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Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth (Hide & Seek + PVP)

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Bedrock Edition
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The Battle of Hoth takes place in the The Empire Strikes Back. Join the battle as a member of the Empire hunting Rebel members hidden in the snowy landscape in Hide & Seek or go toe to toe with eachother in a PVP game.


Hide & Seek – A seeker has to find everybody within the map who is hiding in a range of spots both inside and outside of the Hoth Base. Once caught a hider joins the seeker until everybody is caught. This map offers a number of hiding places such as inside AT-AT’s, a base with functioning cargo bay doors, a Wampa cave system and much more!

Free for all PVP – Decide on a set amount of lives, Recomended 3 or 5 lives per game.

Team PVP – The Empire and the Rebels face off. Pick a team and become the last team standing as you wipe out your friends/enemies in a battle which will put the films events to shame.

The map comes with three spawn rooms to travel between to select gamemodes as well as a built in seeker timer. Teleporters offer fast travel to eahc gamemode and from the map to spawn lobbies for easy set up of multiple rounds of the games.
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