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Star Wars The last Jedi: First Order Fleet (D'Qar)

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Hey Guys,

This is a new Structure from me. This is the First Order fleet from the Battle of D'Qar. In this Structure are 3 Resurgent Class Stardestroyer, One of these is the Finalizer, and 1 Mantador IV Class Star Dreadnought. The Fulminatrix († 34 ABY).



Class: Mantador IV

Lengh: 7.669 meters
Width: 4.121 meters
Height: 770 meters
Weapons: 2 orbital autocannons
26 point-defense cannons

Captain: Moden Canady


Class: Resurgent

Lengh: 2.915 meters
Width: 1.483 meters
Height: 496 meters
Weapons: Over 1500 point-defense cannons

Captain: Edrison Peavey

About the Map:

The Stardestroyers are Built in a scale of 1/30.
You start in the Fulminatrix and can there teleport to the Finalizer an back. The two others Resurgent-Class Star destroyers are exactly Copys of the Finalizer and you can't teleport there. Every Stardestroyer has a hangar, a workroom and two bridges. The Star Destroyers are more exciting outside than inside. Have fun with Searching details and visiting the Map.

I am glad about every comment.
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