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Starter-house with fence 16x16 [.nbt]

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avatar MicMokum
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
Starter-house with fence

Want to start a new game, but not looking forward to that first night in your new world? This house will provide you with protection in the early stages of the game. And there's a fence to keep scary creatures at a (somewhat) safe distance. :)

The lot includes:

- House with bed, crafting table and furnace
- Fence (with carpets to jump over it)
- Multiple chests
- Farming ground
- Two trees
- Auto-smelter
- Pond for infinite water

Inside the chests you can find:

- Iron tools and armor
- Basic building blocks
- Some other things to get you started

Made in MC Java 1.15.1
Progress100% complete
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