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Stingray Island

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Level 27 : Expert Mage

There was a time when Stingray Island was beautiful. It was then a peaceful speck of land known as Manta Ray Island. But one fateful day, a galleon was spotted off the northern coast. The native islanders, who had lived there for generations, mistook the ship for a merchant vessel stopping to resupply. Their grave error was not realized until it was too late. In reality, the ship carried a horde of pirates, who did not hesitate to turn this paradise into a place of terror. They massacred the adults and made slaves of the children, forcing them to mine for coal and iron with which to build more weapons. The islanders' simple huts were raised and a town built in their place, a town of sin where lawlessness was the law of the land. Other pirates began to flock to the island, where they joined forces in plundering village after village. From that day forward, the island came to be know as Stingray Island, a place where outlaws would reign supreme for evermore.


1.) CAUTION! May be slower on older computers!

2.) Wow, I cannot believe this took me almost as long as my Maze Maker entry. I thought I was gonna be done in half the time!
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