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Subconscious: A CTM Adventure! Playable

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Pineappleman83 avatar Pineappleman83
Level 21 : Expert Carrot
THIS IS A 1.18 .1+ MAP

Welcome to Subconscious!

Subconscious is a sci-fi themed Complete the Monument adventure map. So, a regular day at work takes a strange turn after you and the intern, Steven, find a mysterious contraption in your storage area. The machine transports you deep within Steven’s mind. But the machine malfunctions and traps you within! You’ll have to find the three wools to repair the machine and escape Steven’s cerebral confinement!

Enjoy a CTM survival-adventure hybrid to complete three short objectives! Experience dungeon crawling, bosses, puzzle elements, and a story on your own or with others!

Version: 1.18.1 (java edition)

Multiplayer Compatible: Yes (enable command blocks)

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Length: 2-5 hours (3 objectives)

Style: Linear Roguelike

This map is a “prequel” to one of my old maps entitled, Dungeon Delve. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have played that one before to enjoy this map. Subconscious attempts to add context to the original map by fleshing out Clark’s company in its infancy and maybe explain why Steven, aka Shady Steve, resents Clark and Sanctuary.

This map does not contain any harsh language or themes. Occasional mention of death or killing does arise, along with the usual fantasy violence involved with minecraft (killing things).

You MAY stream (upload VODs) and produce YouTube videos with my map, but PLEASE include credit: a link to this page or the download. It’s not much to ask, and it helps the community! Also message me, I’d love to watch!

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kjdjugo80iq66zr/Made_by_Pineappleman83_%2528patch_1.1%2529.zip/file



Players get to select a difficulty. Difficulty ranges from Super Easy to Legendary. Easy is the design difficulty and is highly recommended. If you should decide to play the other difficulties, you’ll be accepting the pain and suffering that comes with it (Including being one-shot by certain enemies). Super Easy is an excellent difficulty for players who are playing just for fun: keepinventory is set to true, all players gain regeneration. After selecting difficulty you’ll get to begin your adventure! ALL PLAYERS SHOULD BE PRESENT BEFORE BEGINNING! Failure to do so may result in odd behavior like “soft-locks,” gamemode quirkiness, and incorrect spawnpoints.


Credit Where It’s Due:

Beta Testers: Alittar, Rodogorgon, Pineappleguy83, jwizzle1234

Commands made possible by MCStacker: MCStacker for Minecraft 1.18

Armor stand poses created with haselkern’s armor stand helper: Minecraft Armor stand (haselkern.com)

Builds made possible using WorldEdit: WorldEdit - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Mob heads from: Minecraft Heads (minecraft-heads.com)


DISCLAMERS and Remarks:

1. This map was developed by me (one guy). While I may consider it 100% complete, there may still be bugs or issues that were not encountered by myself or my testers. If you find any, please leave them in the comments or message me! Thanks (Please try to include as much info as possible).

2. IF YOU ARE PLAYING MULTIPLAYER: All players should be online for difficulty selection and teleportation. Players that join late will have to be manually teleported to their group and have their spawnpoint set. All players should be online during teleportation between stages for the same reasons.

3. IF YOU ARE PLAYING SINGLEPLAYER: I’m not your parents, but I suggest playing Easy difficulty.

4.THINGS THAT AREN’T NORMAL: Mining obsidian is disabled (enchanting table is op in this map). Mining cobwebs for string to craft wool is also disabled (mainly because beds). Nether is disabled.

5. Never set difficulty to peaceful, it could result in unintended behavior or “soft-locks.”

6. Avoid relogging during boss fights. This could result in unintended behavior.

7. Stage two may have chunk loading and unloading issues that may be related to the new vertical biomes (honestly, I don’t know why), but the stage has large lag spikes when on low render distances. I would recommend using a render distance 16+ chunks if you are having issues. Sorry about this ☹

8. No extensive testing was done with optifine or other performance-enhancing mods or server types, proceed at your own risk.

9. This map was constructed with vanilla resource pack and no shaders.

10. Certain boss fights are multi-staged and may require you to read chat to know what to do (I know reading is scary).

11. All “portals” and teleportations will teleport all players, this is intended behavior done to avoid player exploits or “soft-locks.”


Developer's Note:

I really hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed creating it! Just like my last project, I am still not a professional programmer (I’m not gonna be), so I am aware that the way my commands and logic may be, hella wack. I know you could probably do a lot of what I've done with data packs. I think my biggest struggle is with game design (loot distribution, enemy types, spawner placement, boss fight balancing), it is something I’ve been trying to improve on for a while. All constructive criticisms are VERY welcomed, put it in the comments or message me. The map was playtested by four individuals as well as me, but hidden issues could arise (It kinda wouldn’t be a Pineappleman83 release if there wasn’t at least one thing wrong). If you do download and play THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please, I encourage you to share this map if you think I deserve it, I hope you have fun!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Patch 1.1 : by Pineappleman83 01/18/2022 10:06:23 pmJan 18th

Fixed the Agent of Cards issues and a few other minor bugs.

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01/17/2022 4:45 pm
Level 20 : Expert uwu
Rozieh avatar
Just finished the first level, it's great so far !

Though it feels a bit amateur-ish, I think that's not so much of a problem.

Also why normal zombies with a zombie villager head ? I don't get that part... But oh well

7.5/10 Map !
01/17/2022 7:33 pm
Level 21 : Expert Carrot
Pineappleman83 avatar
The zombies with zombie villager heads are mainly for parity because I wanted to have skeletons and zombies but make them look similar (for the lore lol). Thanks for the feedback! Really Appreciate it.
01/17/2022 9:27 am
Level 21 : Expert Carrot
Pineappleman83 avatar
I thought I made it out of the woods lol. "It kinda wouldn’t be a Pineappleman83 release if there wasn’t at least one thing wrong" Agent of Cards abilities require op or cheats on to accept, I'm planning to release a fixed file today or tomorrow. For the meantime you could open to LAN with cheats on and accept the desired sign then turn it off.
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