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Sundance Class Destroyer

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Sundance class destroyer
The Sundance-class marks first concerted effort to construct a true pan-belt naval vessel. The vessels sport a modular deck plan surrounded by an almost skeletal frame. Though outwardly their lack of exterior armor leaves them exposed to fire their modular design makes them surprisingly resilient in practice. Each two deck high module is equipped with its own air and water supply as well as internally connected airlocks. Making any one section of the ship a virtual lifeboat in an emergency. Its unique double hulled design makes nearly all of it primary systems redundant for combat purposes.

Following the formal recognition of the
Confederation of Belt Colonies recognition by governments of earth and mars and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of New Olympia the belt was faced with the reality that they would have to modernize their disparate fleet in order to protect their newfound freedom. With a limited number of hulls and a limitation on the sizes of ships they could build various companies set to work drafting design proposals. In 2227 Psyche Shipyards produced the design that would become the Sundance class and by 2229 CCS Sundance would launch from Psyche orbital dock 15.
Over their thirty years of service the Sundance class has proven to be a rugged at reliable vessel that has helped clear pirates from the inner belt. The vessels remain a prominent symbol of power and unity throughout the belt to this day.

Ships in class:DD-2 CSS Sundance
DD-3 CCS Dawn Treader
DD-4 CCS Pillar of Light
DD-5 CCS To Hope
DD-6 CCS Autumn Moonlight
DD-7 CCS Dream Keeper
Length:135 meters (442.91 feet)
Width37 meters (121.39 feet)
Depth:63 meters (206.69 feet)
Complement:20 Officers
120 Crew
30 additional passengers for short periods
Sensors:10 × AESA Radar
Armament:2 × 127mm dual turreted coilguns. 384 rounds each.
2 × 30mm turreted coilguns. 5,000 rounds each.
4 × 750 kW point defense laser
384 × 1 meter decoy drones
256 × 2.5 meter decoy drones and/or MRSM-9 missiles
Propulsion:2 × Helium-3 direct fusion drive
24 × Plasma torch RCS thrusters

WARNING: This build requires the use of a custom texture pack that can be found here.
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02/15/2021 7:07 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Senpai
TheOfficialNano avatar
Thats some pretty damning epic interior you got there, can we have more exterior pics tho?
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