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Super Sweet Survival (MCPE & WIN10)

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Kidsource's Avatar Kidsource
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Super Sweet Survival is a well explored survival map with too many features to try and count. The entire map was built in survival mode by Kidsource.

There is a great cobblestone house near the main spawn point. Inside this first house, you will find tons of resources packed into chests. All of the things you need for Minecraft survival are already there! Also, there is a Nether Portal and access to a ravine.

When you are done exploring the spawn area, find the road to the village. The road is marked with a sign, and runs just around the garden of the cobblestone house. This is a long, long road...but it eventually leads to a big village. There are things to explore along the road, too. The village features an even better cobblestone mansion, outfitted with the best equipment. If you want to play survival mode in style, download this map now!

Map Features:
  • Spawn point house with multiple packed chests.
  • Road system to locate the best features.
  • Multiple Nether Portals
  • Big Village with lots of villagers and Iron Golems.
  • Resources like food, tools, weapons, armor, and much, much more.
  • Marked access to 3 ravines.
  • Marked access to a mine shaft.
  • Marked access to a Nether Fortress
  • Built in survival mode so achievements are available.
Progress100% complete

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