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SuperSonic - Parkour Race

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How to find on server: /c join supersonic

avatar chillers
Level 1 : New Miner

Can you guess the theme? Of course you can, it's none other than Sonic. With most sonic builds showing signs ageing I took it upon myself to create an interesting new take on Sonic Parkour Map on Zero.minr.org server.

Course Details
Players on entry will be greeted with several heads they can choose from, picking one of these heads will allow you to play as that character in the map. The map is parkour and speed based, Players speed with be exceptionally fast. The map consists of several rocket pads (springs) that launch you high into the air to get to the next section. There is dead coral on the maps (traps) that will slow you down, as well as tight turns, vines, soul sand and cobwebs. If players fall into the water they will tp back to their checkpoint. The course consists of several sections.. Hills, caves, ice, lava, forrest and raceway.

Players must collect rings during this map and will trigger checkpoints as they travel. All rings must be obtained in order to complete the map. This concept was introduced to minr.org to give players more options with multiplayer racing maps. Players are able to select a race mode should they wish to race their friends. This map is ideal for speed runners and is highly competitive for fast timings.

Found on the MINR (zero.minr.org) server in FFA
When you get on, run the command /c join supersonic to play the map.

Progress100% complete

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