Surge of Leisure

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avatar Silvathor
Level 48 : Master Button Pusher
Surge of Leisure is a mini-games map.

Ressource Pack :

Surge of Leisure is a Minecraft mini-game map where you play as pirates who need to destroy the opposing boat.


You will need cannonballs, and to get you need to be the first team to finish a one of the twelve random events minigames. (With different varations)

Sometimes zombies pirate and bombardments spice up the game.


> Musket - A powerful ranged weapon.
> Grapple - Sneak at the base of the ladder to propel yourself upward.
> Saber - Uh ... just a simple melee weapon...


- Language: (French/English)

- Ships Max Health

- Music: (on/off) (Custom Music by our)

- Time and Weather

- Team: (select/random)

Map By Cube42 :

Discord :
YouTube :
CreditCube42 - Roypase / Silvathor
Progress100% complete
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