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Survival Cube

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Level 48 : Master Technomancer
Survival Cube
Welcome To The Survival Cube Map
In This Map,You Must Survive And Thrive Only With The Limits Of 2 Cubes To Build In.
There Is A List Of Different Challenges To Complete In This Map Below
...Can You Complete Them All?

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Here Is A List Of Challenges You Can Complete Inside The Map!

Make An Endless Water Supply
Make A Successful Wheat Farm
Make A Successful Melon Farm
Make A Successful Pumpkin Farm
Make A Successful Cactus Farm
Gather 10 Ender Pearls
Gather 64 Pumpkins,Melons,And Cactus
Make A Base Of Operations
Mine 2,000 Cobblestone
Goto The Nether
Get 64 Planks Of Each Kind Of Different Wood
Get 64 Gold Nuggets
Kill Every Hostile Mob In The Normal World 10 Times Each

Complete Every Challenge!

**Hardest Challenges**

Never Die
Kill 500 Hostile Mobs
Complete All **Hardest Challenges**

Additional Notes

You Can Record A Lets Play Using This Map.Just Make Sure To PM Me The Link To Your Video So I Can Watch It :P!
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #1 : 09/15/2012 4:35:06 pm9/15/12

Added Another Cube For Even More Things To Do!

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Starting a LP series!
  • Heliosk
  • Level 48
  • Master Technomancer
  • September 15, 2012, 1:08 pm
Awsome can u PM me your Youtube name and i'll sure to tune in and mention u in the next update log,also ill give u a sub <3!

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