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Survival Games Expansion Map 1

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Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
Survival Games Expansion Map 1

You've obviously heard of Vareide's PVP Survival Games map series, well I am bringing you a series of expansion map packs for those of you who just can't wait for the next big release. These maps are built for smaller groups of players; this particular map being able to hold a maximum of 12 players.

Not dissimilar from the first Survival Games release, with this map you can battle it out with your foes across multiple islands speckled across a large ocean biome! Evade your enemies or track them down, whatever your play-style, this is the map for you! There are traps, treasure and puzzles to keep you busy on your way to the top.

This map was built using Minecraft's default texture pack.


You can find all the rules written on the back of the admin house!

They are very similar if not identical to those of Vareide's Survival Games Rules.

If you enjoy playing this map, please subscribe and give me a diamond! It lets me know you enjoy what I have created!

Additional Notes

This is the first map brought to you by Drenson in the style of Vareide's Survival Games map series.
It was a steep learning curve for me, so there are a few mistakes which I will eradicate for the next map to be released. The only real mistake I made with this map was the fact I built the islands (using VoxelSniper) in a naturally spawning ocean biome. The problem this brought about were the abundance of caves and underwater tunnels that spawned. I fear that some players may see a cave under the ocean, believe it has been put there intentionally and kill themselves in an attempt to get their hands on some treasure which isn't actually there.
So, a wise word for anyone reading this about to play, if you see a cave under the ocean, don't bother trying to get to it!
The second little blip in my first attempt is the spawning. I have tried to make it so the first time you spawn in the world, you spawn in the cornucopia, and when you die, you spawn in the dead players section. I hope this works, however it seems a little random upon testing. I would recommend having a fly mod or teleportation commands.
Progress: 100% Complete

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